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Left 4 Dead was a successful first person shooter from Valve Software. The second instalment in the series follows in the same vein, but for those who haven't been introduced to it yet, a brief synopsis: Essentially you're fighting your way through a late-stage Zombie movie: 99% of Earth's population has been turned into ravenous blood-thirsty zombies (the "infected") only satiated by feasting on the blood of those who have yet to succumb. You and your "friends" (they're easily identifiable because they're the ones whose eyes don't glow in the dark and they're not running straight at you with blood leaking round their mouths) who are survivors of the infection just want to get the hell out of this mess, mostly because being chased by hordes of zombies who want to eat your brains every time you sneeze or otherwise make a loud noise gets to be a real drag.

***Please Note: We reviewed playing both original and censored versions of the game, however the end score reflects the modified version available at Australian retail. The box-out insert talks about the modified version of the game, and we have no qualms suggesting players attempt to purchase their copy from outside of Australia.

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Sucks that the Australian government is so gay about stuff like this :\