AusGamers Review - Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron


If you told someone a year ago that the iconic Star Wars Battlefront series was coming to the Nintendo DS, you could have expected an incredulous response. "What? One of the most complex, dynamic, and sophisticated game franchises ever to bear the Star Wars name is coming to the most low-fi, low-spec game system on the market? Do you think me a fool? They may as well make Battlefront for the Atari 2600!"

Yet here we are. Battlefront is indeed on the DS, and n-Space has made a valiant attempt to shoe-horn the familiar game elements of the series into the system resources available. The problem is that you're always reminded of these limitations while playing. Elite Squadron doesn't feel like it was made from the ground up for the DS, but more like a larger game that's been run through a trash compactor.

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