First Gameplay Video of Upcoming Action RPG 'Across Age'

Touch Arcade:

In late September, FDG Entertainment announced that they were bringing a new "time traveling" action RPG Across Age to the App Store. The game has drawn comparisons to Chrono Trigger and Zelda and is a co-production between FDG Entertainment and a Japanese studio called Exe-Create.

Across Age is said to have over 15 hours of gameplay and is set played through the eyes of two characters that you can control as a party or individually. Switching between the characters can be done at any time and required for some of the cooperative and time traveling puzzles found in the game.

At about 55 seconds into the video below, you can see one of the coop puzzles that requires one character to help another character onto a ledge, go around, and open a door. The video also shows the main town, basic combat and ultimately a boss fight.

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