Mobile phones capable of PS3/Xbox 360 graphics by 2013

Pocket Gamer:

In a couple of years, your phone could be flinging current-generation console graphics at you in games, according to Qualcomm.

The mobile tech firm is holding an event called Innovation Qualcomm in London this morning, to show off its latest tech and talk strategy.

The key thing from PG's perspective: Choudhury's claim that while its current chipsets can deliver gaming performance comparable to iPhone 3GS or PlayStation 2, the ones it's making that'll appear in phones in 2011-2013 will be capable of Xbox 360 or PS3 performance.

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NateNater3193d ago

If mobile phones will be capable of console graphics by 2013, what will console graphics be like in 2013!? I can only imagine...

blitz06233193d ago

graphics may be good, but the experience won't change for me. mobile games will always be mobile games. small screen, portable, convenient, but the level of enjoyment while playing won't match console games. that's what HD TVs are for

gta28003193d ago

Wow. That picture of Mario is scary, disturbing and funny, all together lol.

OrganicMachine3193d ago

nah, not nintendo.. so I have to disagree with you due to the picture you posted ;)

The Meerkat3193d ago

A mobile with 360 graphics would end up burning a hole in your pocket.

LukaX233193d ago

The next generation of consoles will be out by then... >.>

sunil3193d ago

unless they decide to have atleast a 14" screen on a mobile... its useless

SuperM3193d ago

Im sure by then you will be able to sync your mobile device to your TV and play from there.

sikbeta3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Yeah right.... maybe wii graphics, but PS3 graphics not gonna happen soon, you have to count battery + screen + joystick, I mean press 2 + # to avoid something in the game is not the same as hold L2+R2 triggers

Xgamerzus3193d ago

What a BS article!!!!!
the day it has and HDMI out port to display 1080p I'll believe this SON!!!!

As for now on a small screen at low low def res, Im sure it already hits high frame rates but we are talking lOW LOW DEF!!!!

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Neo6043193d ago

imagin have all the HD content with you every where.
you could connect it to any HD TV.

KiRBY30003193d ago

will the 360 have PS3 graphics in 2010?

Skywalker173193d ago

Man dat jus so cracked me up there bro ...u made my day period ;)btw on a serious note WILL IT ??? :P

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The story is too old to be commented.