Battlefield: Bad Company 2 USA Beta is a Go

The official Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta is finally underway on the PlayStation 3 platform. Only hours ago, the ability to enter the promotional key and download the client became available. However, login issues have prevented anyone from playing this highly-anticipated beta up until now.

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Lifewish3019d ago

please use this beta to fix possible issues in your game, which i am sure there will be.

taco_tom2373019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

anybody that wants the beta go here.....

its free just sign works im downloading now

NoBias3019d ago

My roomates and I are havin a blast with it.

deadreckoning6663019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

The betas a blast. Very addictive, but the stats are broken. I ranked up in my first 2 games but after that the game put me back at 0.1. No upgrades at this point. When u get the XMB at Level 7, the game becomes a mix of twitch and skill. Its awesome!

Millah3019d ago

Loving this game so far. The graphics are incredible. Gameplay is a ton of fun too, despite some issues with stats right now.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I played the beta for around half an hour and came away unimpressed.

It looks and feels no different than the first Bad Company.
I suppose that is fine if you loved the first one, but for people like myself that thought it was just so-so, Bad Company 2 looks like it might be a big letdown.

I should also add that that many people are hyping this game that otherwise wouldn't be, simply because they want to see it surpass Modern Warfare 2.

After playing 30 minutes of the Bad Company 2 beta, I can promise you that ain't gonna happen. lol

kydrice3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

You're playing a CLOSED BETA. Jesus when are you smacktards going to realize that Beta=/= final release. They're on a new engine that needs tweaking, why the hell do you think you're playing? They need testers and constructive feedback, not whiny "OMFG WHY ISN'T THIS MODERN WARFARE 2?!?!? EPIC FALE" people like you.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3019d ago

Settle down, Buck-o. lol
That was just my opinion.

Having said that, I'm fairly confident that most gamers (outside of N4G, of course) will tend to agree with me, and that the game will sell rather poorly as a result.

Noctis Aftermath3019d ago

Anyone else not able to rank up? when i first played it let me rank up, but then i turned off the ps3 for 2 hours, tried again and suddenly no more ranks, did they disable ranking?

evrfighter3019d ago

Actually as a bf fan since 1942 demo. I can tell you this puts mw2 to mega shame. I was only able to play mw2 for one round before it felt like cod4. Battlefield has ALWAYS put cod to shame when it was released on pc. From what I've seen in the beta. IW is about to be taken to school by DICE. Again I should add

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3019d ago

Gamers vote with their wallets, my friend, and they have consistently voted for the Call of Duty series in droves. ;)

K__L__U__T__C__H3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I just got done playing this beta and it is awful.IMO. The graphics are horrible! I know its a beta, but seriously there pretty bad. It plays exactly like BFBC 1 to me and nothing special at all. I'll go ahead and tell you this game isn't dethroning MW2. Now i'm not hating, because i was hoping for alot out of this game, but it let me down. Hopefully the final retail version will be much better.

S4NDM4N3019d ago

What do you mean constantly voted for Call of Duty series?

Buddy, before COD4, BF was the king of online gaming. Most people still think BF2 is one of the best online games.

COD4 is just more accessible. Name me one really popular game that isn't accessible..

Halo, Mario etc..

Sales = accessible

Nikuma3019d ago

This beta is siiiiick! Haven't had this much fun in an online FPS in a while. Very addictive.. went way past my bedtime playing not even realizing the time. Destructible environments are awesome, and the single map in the beta is awesome. It's big but not TOO big and it doesn't force you into any narrow choke points like some FPS.

Can't wait for the retail release of this game!

Marceles3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

You guys are retarded to think the beta is awful. This is the most fun war FPS I've played in a long time. The only complaints I heard were from MW2 fans saying the game was too slow...the maps are large so of course it's gonna be slower, but when the action heats up it feels like Black Hawk Down. When you shoot a rocket or a tank next to a building, the windows shatter from the force of the sound, almost everything is completely destructible from the trees to all the buildings...awful? get out of here with that

TheReaper423019d ago

only complaint i have is that there're no customizable control schemes. They have a couple preset schemes that doesn't fit my taste. Everything else about the beta so far impresses me.

pixelsword3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

it's a blast; but the gameplay is not far off from the first one at all; except the animation and background chatter is improved a little more. The graphics are mixed now (leaning towards great to incredible if they polish it up) but it's a beta, so I'll cut it some slack for sure. The ground looks a little flat (as in very flat) and on some things like some rocks you can see edges of skinning (the pattern wasn't overlapped effectively) but other than minor things like that, everything looks very polished. My one graphical gripe is that it's very hard to see enemies and/or identify them when you're starting off; several times I was standing next to my enemy for a few seconds (maybe around four or five) before I knew he/she was my enemy for certain. After getting a mouth full of "own", you'll realize who's who and adjust accordingly.

One thing I noticed right away is that this map is very similar to one of the maps from the original B:BC demo on the PSN... minus that luscious gold.

INehalemEXI3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

WooT, I has it....I freaking has it
! Downloading. + bubs @ 1.1

pimpmaster3019d ago

i just played it and i dunno, i feel kinda mixed about it. its better than bc2 but i totaly prefer playing MW2 to playing this beta. the maps are too big and its just a snipe fest. you end up running across the map for too long instead of in combat.

Noctis Aftermath3019d ago

maps are too big? sigh... i guess the gamers who were introduced to FPS by COD4 or Halo just can't comprehend how great Battlefield is.

Snipefest? i get killed by a sniper as often as anything else, the main problem i have with other fps games is that the maps usually don't allow snipers to snipe.

Consoldtobots3019d ago

the BETA is a ton of fun, the guns feel more visceral, the graphics are sharper and now you can actually see a lighting engine at work over the whole map. That being said nothing beats blasting the heck out of a house the other team is holed up in with the wrong end of an M1 Abrams tank.

BC2>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>MW2 and the only ones who disagree are two die-hard 360

Celeras3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

"Gamers vote with their wallets, my friend, and they have consistently voted for the Call of Duty series in droves. ;)"

If they bought Call of Duty, they aren't gamers. They're casuals. I suppose you think the Nintendo Wii is the best of the three current-gen consoles just because it sold the most?

raztad3019d ago

I played my first Battlefield: Bad Company 2 match. The objetive was to protect a building.

Graphic wise, game looks pretty underwhelming. It's pretty much BC1. I really was expecting more, after those sick (BUT small, low res videos). I'm sure PC owners are enjoying much better graphics.

Gameplay wise It feels pretty good. Weapons and movement feel right. Not floaty but not too weighty. The map wasnt very crowded so I couldnt see any tank or vehicle. I'll try it later. The big plus is game buildings destructibility.

In conclusion: This game (as any other shooter on the console market) is FAAAAR from even be close to KZ2's visuals, on the other hand it got a very slick gameplay that makes it worth a try. COD lovers better stay away from this game, it's not KZ2 weighty but for sure it's slower than your MW.

The Captain3018d ago

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat you are incorrect. Have you ever purchased a game that was not good. Just because a game has great sales does not make it better. That statement is ridicules!!!! Some games sell better due to hype and media, not because of the game itself.

I personally enjoy the beta(alpha) and look forward to see this game grow.

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JonnyBigBoss3019d ago

Great beat. About to play with a buddy of mine.

DoucheVader3019d ago

This is pretty impressive graphically. Maps are pretty big.

Bobby Kotex3019d ago

And there's something refreshing about how open they are. This game definitely has a 'battlefield' feel to it. This definitely brings me back to Battlefield 2 but with evolved gameplay.

ebpmanitoba3019d ago

It is very different from the original

Online is still awesome.

decimalator3019d ago

the original Battlefield? Or BF:BC?

BigPete79783019d ago

Got my code, downloading now :)