Gamestop Rumored Black Friday Ad Leaked

"GameStop opens 6am Friday, November 27th. Doorbuster deals valid 6am to 11am only. All other deals (unless noted) run all week.

Here is a quick summary of GameStop Black Friday gaming deals:"

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dericb112949d ago

Just looked at it and the so called deals to me are piss poor.
I really think Walmart and Best Buy PS3 and 360 deals are better.

Darkstorn2949d ago

Amazon is usually the best, and has vastly more games on sale than any of the physical retailers.
I'm liking the B2G1 deal on used games, though. They usually have one of those around this time every fall.
And never go to Walmart...for anything.

Hutch23552948d ago

What the heck are people wating for.

TheReaper422948d ago

I find better deals on ebay.

Amazon will probably have their 199.99 ps3 special and 99.99 xbox360 special this year. Although.. they usually have a voting system, then email the 500 people that are chosen just to compete against 50 orders. Basically if you have a slow internet connection, there is no hope in getting these deals.

Saaking2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

LAME GS fails.

sbstncstllo2949d ago

GS can go fvck themselfs.

DLA2K92948d ago

i feel the same way when i look at my YLOD PS3 in the corner.

Feral Gamer2948d ago

So their Black Friday deals aren't the best, I still like GS because of their exclusive pre-order bonuses :)

STICKzophrenic2948d ago

Odd...I dislike GameStop MORE because of their exclusive pre-order bonuses.

Pillville2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

<umm.. where's my attached image??>

RockmanII72948d ago

I have been having the same problem. Also GS sucks, but it is really close to where I live, so I might go walk there and see if they have anything.

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Ninji2949d ago

- Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle - $299 (plus Bakugan or COD: Modern Warfare Free) Doorbuster

- PS3 120GB Holiday Bundle w/ God of War I & II, LittleBigPlanet - $299 Doorbuster

So you can either get a defective console with Bakugan OR MW2, or you can get a superior console with God of War 1, God of War 2, AND LittleBigPlanet for the same price as the faulty console bundle. With the lack of exclusives on the 360 (well, lack of games in general) there is no reason to get a 360 unless you're replacing a broken one (and even that is a stupid idea).

Campy da Camper2949d ago

Ya, is there a line I need to stand in to buy GH preowned? LAME.

Although, the 299 holiday bundle with GoW 1 and 2 and LBP is an ok deal if you are looking to come to the dark side and have a kid...and it's a NEW Slim.

dawgsfan1172948d ago

Nothing like diemboweling the half naked gods and goddesses to bring a family together. Lol its a good bundle I just found that funny.

jhooty142949d ago

I wish i lived in america only for this one day and then go to my free healthcare :)

Pandamobile2949d ago

Canada has Gamestops AND free health care :P

thematrix12982949d ago

But we don't have Black usual Americans are slow :p

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