IGN: Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers Hands-On

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is an almost entirely different game than anything you've played before within the Final Fantasy branding. Far from the classic turn-based gameplay and free-roaming battles like Final Fantasy XII, and even a sizable departure from the other Crystal Chronicles games, Crystal Bearers is a pure adventure title, mixing combat areas with an open world filled with huge locales.

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SpoonyRedMage3162d ago

Wow, really good preview. I can't wait for the game but it seems to be getting hate for not being classic FF and also not being classic FF:CC.

I think it's daft that FF:CC fans are hating the fact that it's going a new direction, isn't that exactly what the first Crystal Chronicles did!?

I can't wait anyway, beautiful looking game, with a lot to do, sensible Wiimote controls and a pretty decent physics engine. Looks to be a true "next-gen" game for the Wii(not that it's alone in that).