OXCGN's Unboxing of Assassins Creed 2: Black Edition

OXCGN reviews the Black Box Edition of Assassin's Creed 2, deciding if the contents are worth it. Full photos inside.

"I guess the value of this figurine will depend on the eye of the beholder. It looks good, but it feels cheap. It's a good size, but it could break easily. I personally think I would have preferred a higher quality plastic or metal with the size of the figurine sacrificed just a bit."

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XboxOZ3603194d ago

Well I got the White Edition, (pics to come soon), and all I can say is, that I was very disappointed in that one, but this one leaves the rest for dead insofar as good delivered.

Thankfully I have Black Edition 'coming', , but it would have been nice for GAME to make theirs a great deal better. Especially when they are asking $AU129.95 for the White Edition ($AU59 with approved trade-in)

BadCircuit3194d ago

It's hard to pay the extra cash for this but it looks cool.

cornfedgamer3194d ago

I agree. It's hard to pay extra cash for any collectors edition. But figurines are cool.

Godem3194d ago

I was disappointed in mine for the same reason, the figurine doesn't feel solid enough. And besides the figurine there is not much else inside the box

gaminoz3194d ago

I didn't mind the figurine at all: mind you I haven't had a real 'play' of it. The detail is pretty good and because we don't generally use them as 'toys', I don't think it needs to be as heavy. It sure is big!

Mind you the best one is still the Big Daddy, and that's pretty solid.

The art book, while good, uses matt paper rather than a glossy finish, which I would have preferred I think.

cornfedgamer3194d ago

If you just put the figurine up on a shelf or something, it shouldn't matter how sturdy or heavy it is. Unless you are playing with it. Then that's funny.

IRetrouk3194d ago

shud have my black version in about an hour or so, although i live in uk and it seems we are geting it for 75 pounds which sounds about right.