Firmware 3.10 allows users to send error reports to Sony

From PS3 Attitude: "Has your PS3 ever frozen randomly? Sony wants to know about it. Thanks to firmware 3.10, Sony now allows users to send an error report after an improper shutdown."

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Delta3167d ago

Yes it is. Tho i doubt it will be used much :)

Saaking3167d ago

Very good. Allows sony to get more feedback and refine their services even more.

Serjikal_Strike3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Cuz at 5 oclock pacific time my ps3 got the Ylod while playing MW2...and im pissed and sad at the same time...

looks like i wont be online for a while:(

and I just bought God of War collection yesterday....This sux big time!

D4RkNIKON3167d ago

I have already sent an error report. My PS3 froze while playing a game and when it restarted it said, the PS3 system did not shut down properly would you like to send an error report to sony so I did.

taco_tom2373167d ago

i said this yesterday lol...i already sent my first report.

Sarcasm3167d ago

Finally something that's useful to help deal with bug issues. And this way Sony can finally keep a record.

RememberThe3573167d ago

Hi-def, I do not feel your pain, but I do sympathize :)

I like this feature though. My PS3 crashes once in a while so this will make me feel like I'm actually telling Sony about it. It makes it seem like they care.

Serjikal_Strike3167d ago

Yeah...not a good feelin bro

IdleLeeSiuLung3167d ago

Come on Sony, you know better than to do that. Even MS don't collect personal information when sending error reports in Windows. So why are you?

None the less, props for a feature intended to improve PS3!

ape0073166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

trophy sync error,it's been a month sense it happen and still g=have,I finished uncharted 2 couple of days ago and oh my god how amazing is that game,anyway I got trophies,can't sync them,the strange thing is I can go my bro's profile and compare with myself or view my gamercard on his profile

it works for all the profiles in my ps3 except for ME


also I can't change my gamercard color(very cool feature in 3.10) cause I can't access my gamercard


please help

rockleex3166d ago

Finally fix all the bugs in Home and the Web Browser? :P

Sony just needs to get Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on the PS3.

Next, they should get Sony Online Entertainment to fix up Home so it can become more streamlined.

Keowrath3166d ago

had the same problem for about a week now. 10%, wouldn't get past it. I tried my account on my girlfriends PS3, exactly the same problem.

After 3.10 I tried. INSTANTLY, didn't even get the progress bar it synched. I was like WOW! they finally fixed it! Then I tried again later last night for whatever reason and it hung at 92%. Again and again I tried, exactly the same problem.

Just before I logged off last night I tried a few more times, eventually it got past 92%...95...97...98...100. All I can suggest is keep trying man.

I agree, it's annoying as hell!

peeps3166d ago

yeh the trophy sync seems to be a problem for a lot of people. i know i haven't got it working yet but some ppl problems at all.

apparently it might be to do with if you haven't synced your trophies for a while, but if u keep trying a few times eventually it should work. it wouldn't surprise me if either sony give some more info about this problem or bring out another fm that just fixes the problem

Guido3166d ago

The trophy issue is a network time out issue. The network is timing out before it syncs all the trophy info. It's been like that since day one of the trophy support. I have the issue too but only when I don't sync my trophies after each game I beat. If you let it go too long then you end up stuck with having to do it over and over again. Just sync the trophies after each game you beat or every couple days and you will be fine.

Keowrath3166d ago

To the guys saying that the synch issue becomes apparant because of not synching for a while. That's not the case with me. I check my score on a fairly regular basis.

sorceror1713166d ago

@IdleLeeSiuLung - The "personal information" that Sony gets is "PSN account information, content saved on your PS3 system, and your email address, if this information was being used on your PS3 system at the time of the problem."

Sony's already got two out of three of those already (PSN account, email). The third ('saved content') is *mildly* worrisome, but (a) I don't keep anything too personal on my PS3 anyway, and (b) you have the option of declining to send the error report.

I don't think this is a major privacy concern.

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NateNater3167d ago

Yea my ps3 internet browser froze on me when I was using it today. When I restarted my PS3 this showed up and I was surprised. I think this is a good addition to ps3

GrabthroatShinkicker3167d ago

My browser freezes a LOT. But I use it a lot, too. It tends to be mostly on sites with Flash.

Let's hope Sony actually does read the error reports, because the browser is pretty good for what it is, and if it didn't lock up our systems, it'd be nearly perfect for what it is.

Godmars2903167d ago

At the very least, this should scream at Sony the need to upgrade the browser since that's the only time the system crashes.

thehitman3167d ago

I hope this feature doesn't feel as useless as the windows error report message....

ablecain3167d ago

My PS3, just 4 months after the 1 year warranty expired, isn't reading discs anymore, and now Sony wants $150 to repair it. This, after claiming the console has an 8-10 year life cycle. So in other words, now I get to send Sony a message to WARN them that I am about send them an extra 150 bucks to repair a $400 machine that lasted all of 16 months! What a joke.

cr33ping_death3167d ago

really?? you think they meant that your ps3 was going to last 10 years? youre dumb get out. by ten year life cycle they mean the ps3 generation not your specific ps3.

ablecain3167d ago

@creeping death

Um... No, that's not what I meant, dip$hit. If a console is supposed to keep getting games for 10 years, do they really expect me to pay 150 bucks each year and a half to get it repaired? The 360 has a horrible failure rate, but at least they wouldn't charge me 16 months after purchasing the d*mn system. So you f*** off.

Kenshinhimurasz3166d ago

My friend's ps3 right now is having problems with the bluray, he kept it in a small area under his tv where air flow couldn't get out, and he has never cleaned his ps3. He used one of the computer air cans to cleaned his bluray drive and it worked for a while. Luckly he bought extended warranty so it's being fixed for free, bought on 11/2008. I also bought one with him the same day, mine is fine. I keep it next to my tv where air can go in and out, have two fans blowing hot air out and clean it every two months, and it's running fine. After owning both ps/ps2 I found that buying extended warranty is a must, if you plan on playing games on the same system for more then 2 years. So take care of your system clean it once in a while, give it room to breath, and always have a back up plan (extented warranty) if anything does go wrong. I fine the new error report is great.

Keowrath3166d ago

What region are you in Able? (EDIT oh, I see you put $) I had exactly the same issue (just in time for MGS4 no less!) The machine was bought from Ebay and easily out of it's 1 year warranty. It stopped reading Blurays, same as you.

I phoned Sony on the Sunday, they asked for the serial number and sent me a new 60gb machine on the tuesday, less than 48 hours later no charge whatsoever.

I'm from the UK, I don't know if Sonys poliicies change from region to region but I would hope they treat the whole world the same.

Sorry to hear you're having problems.

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