What To Expect From Premium PSN Services

Ironstarmovement: "At a recent Sony press event the future plans of both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network were displayed. Sony announced plans for all PlayStation 3s to be fully 3D enabled via firmware update before 2011. They also plan to develop a premium service for the PlayStation Network to generate more revenue for the console. This premium service looks to consist of (non-gaming) applications and enhancements to the current PSN."

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NateNater3110d ago

I really could care less for cross game chat but if Sony charges for this, there will no doubt be a lot of angry fanboys

thedisagreefairy3110d ago

regular psn.

i like to play online, but im not on my ps3 enough to warrant a purchase of the "extras" theyll be charging for (which is the reason i decided to not buy the xbox 360).

i see why ppl who game all the time would want to though.

im just happy sony is still letting ppl like me still play online for free through all of this.

Saaking3110d ago

I don't really care as long as basic online gaming is still free. That's what I'd like MS to do. Make online free and offer all the other crap for a fee.

Noob3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

PS3 owners, not just fanboys, will complain. The PSN community won't let Sony get away with something like that with out doing something about it. I could see it right now. The blog would get hammered with complaints on every article. It would be a nightmare for them but I doubt Sony would charge for it.

Free online gaming is the only feature I need. I would sign up for core if it had more content.

smoothdude3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I would gladly pay for the ability to play my PS2 games on my PS3. There were rumours about that a while ago. Come on SONY!

IdleLeeSiuLung3109d ago

Charging for "apps" that have no gaming related functionality will probably alienate most of their current customers. That is hardly a large enough market to enter...

I surmise that if Sony had the chance again, they would have charged for PSN and followed MS model. The fact that they didn't is just a sign of poor management unable to maximize profits. After all, MS showed that they could profit from it. Instead Sony launched an overpriced console!

I guess Sony's failure is a benefit to the customers!!!

ape0073109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

psn regular free and psn premuim subscription based SOUND GREAT but If you really think about it,it gonna be MESS

Imagine a lot of members use regular and lot using premuim,It will be too confusing to chat with who or invite who

lots of players can and lots of player can't,that means we are gonna see this screen a lot


it will be like a bridge,let it ALL FREE or ALL PAID,that will unify everything

anybody agree???

and if you disagree,please reply,let me know what you think,maybe you'll correct things\add great points

Hideo_Kojima3109d ago

I am fine as long as no features that are free now are turned
into pay monthly features.

I never thought of this option.
I was saying that if Sony ask for money I would throw away my
PS3 because I was told I would have free online gaming but
asking to pay to get extra stuff is fine on my book.

Might even speed things up over PSN.

calis3109d ago

"The PSN community won't let Sony get away with something like that with out doing something about it."

Not many people really give a crap about cross game chat.

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DK_Kithuni_713110d ago

.. the lag in your socalled brain. Red Ring Of Death, maybe?

Dirk Benedict3110d ago

Expect more flops on the flopbox.


Dedicated servers don't lag idiot! you must be confused with GeOW2's 5v5 ultra lag that can never be fixed due to the 360's already maxed out hardware

4point7BillionLoss3109d ago

Slowny ... always at least 18 months behind

Now you're going to pay for it too droids .... lolololololololol

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-GametimeUK-3110d ago

One MAJOR issue... NA get super special treatment... The thing im worried about is paying for services and NA still getting special treatment despite us both paying... If I pay I expect our store to get the stuff at the same time as NA and NOT 6 months down the line...

n4gn4gn4gn4g3110d ago

Canada (which is part of NA) get NOTHING.

No video store. US and UK have it.
No comic book store. US and UK have it.
No Vidzone. UK has it.
No PlayTV. UK has it.
No BBC. UK has it.

-GametimeUK-3110d ago

Glad im not Canadian then eh?

mercenarie3110d ago

I am sure SONY had to jump through many obstacles and $$ to get the American movie industry to agree to release content through the PSN
lets not forget, every company has a different contract agreement(FOX,NBC,etc) It's a safe bet to assume that SONY had no chance to release the video store to you guys in Europe sooner.. lets be smart, why would SONY miss out on the opportunity to profit?

SCEE won't ever be as fast as SCEA but they will have things eventually, its the ugly truth ;)

at least you guys get the PSN updates before us =]

Tony P3110d ago

Really. It's not any company's fault that different countries have different rules and regulations. It's a complex issue.

Remember back when people made a stink about MS's inability to bring Netflix to Canada? Guess what? Neither can Sony. They're not out to shaft you, it's just a matter of circumstances.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3110d ago

There is no government regulation of video on demand services in Canada. It is not a CRTC issue. The issue is licensing and SONY's willingness to go through it. iTunes is in Canada and has a very good selection of video content...there is ZERO reason for SONY to not do the same.

As for Netflix...Netflix doesn't operate in Canada so it would make sense that it wouldn't be on the PS3 or Xbox in Canada.

Tony P3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I spoke very broadly about that first part since it concerned *every* country (not just Canada). Bottom line is the same. You just can't expect to get what another country gets. Hopefully something different but similar. They aren't willfully playing favorites.

And yes, that's specifically why Netflix doesn't go to other places, but that didn't stop hundreds of comments worth of complaints at the time. You say "it would make sense" like it's common knowledge, but most people didn't know or didn't research and still don't. Just check the official PS forums for all the "Netflix in Canada?" threads. Many still don't understand.

creeping judas3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I know this will not get read. But the CRTC has not allowed netflix to operate in Canada due to the fact that they don't offer the correct amount of Canadian content. And only once they have the correct amount, then they can operate in Canada.
All VOD is regulated by the CRTC, ensuring that there is Canadian content on the service.

We Canadians did not get Last.FM in the last update(360), guess why?? No guaranteed Canadian content.

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Delta3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Everything you could ever what. PSN is that awesome :)

ExPresident3110d ago

How is this even news? He's making assumptions and not only that at best speculation. This shouldn't even be posted as news. If you want random opinions go read the other social sites.

I love the spin at the end to:

"Considering the possibilities I wouldn’t be shocked to see the PSN premium service costing more than a yearly XBL subscription."

Seriously? Are you kidding me? Assume more? Speculate much? Utter crap.

bigrudowsky3110d ago

yup i thought i was going to find out what the premium service would provide and still have nothing concrete on it just assumptions..

YungXclusive2K93110d ago

Thats exactly why its called an article, if you don't like it no one required you to read it.

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