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Zedux2862d ago

40k PS3s!!! great numbers!

Valay2862d ago

Don't forget about the PSP, which also performed very well.

gaffyh2862d ago

Again PS3 is doing better according to Media Create. Famitsu numbers below:

PSP – 40,000
Nintendo DSi – 33,000
Playstation 3 – 33,000
Nintendo Wii – 23,000
PSP go – 6,600
Xbox 360 – 4,100
Nintendo DS Lite – 2,800

Thought Xbox 360, PSPgo and DSi number seem to be similar
Playstation 2 – 2,500

Valay2862d ago

Hmmm. That's why, for me at least, I take Famitsu numbers with a grain of salt. They are somewhat decent estimate though and it gives a slight indication as to how Media Create's data will turn out.

Saaking2862d ago

PS3 still all the way up there. These numbers are much better than Famitsu's estimation.

cryymoar2862d ago

PS3 is STILL spanking that ass.

morganfell2862d ago

I guess the Japanese do not like being forced to watch ads...

Cwalat2862d ago

Dear God, PS2 is the true beast here!

Going up on it's tenth year soon and it's still selling a good 2,500-3000 a week!

Sarcasm2862d ago

Famitsu is praying the PS3 numbers are lower or something. They've been off from about 5-10k regularly lower.

raztad2862d ago


That's true. The PS2 is the perfect system if you want to game for the cheap and dont care about HD. Also it's a very good gift for a nephew :D

rockleex2862d ago

Start writing PS3 doomed articles. :P

Guido2862d ago

I can see it now.

"PS3 outsells ever other next gen console - IT'S DOOMED!!!"

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Valay2862d ago

I am slightly surprised that the DSi sales didn't drop too much since the DSi XL came out in Japan this week. I wonder what the consumer reaction will be when it releases.

Mista T2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

wow PS3 #1 in terms of console sales again in Japan, I think the wii is becoming less popular as we speak honestly

Valay2862d ago

Perhaps, although there haven't really been any big releases lately. New Super Mario Bros. Wii comes out in Japan next month, though.

mindedone2862d ago

You realize that Final Fantasy XIII comes out next month? Both numbers would go up.

Valay2862d ago

Yeah, but I never said that FFXIII wouldn't be a huge release for the PS3. I see both consoles going up in sales next month.

Immortal3212862d ago

something the industry thought would never happen.

thereapersson2862d ago

The PSP outsold the DS, and the PS3 outsold the Wii.

Mista T2862d ago

the tides have completely changed in the console wars as we know it

Perkel2862d ago

wait for FF13 in japan then you will see real numbers :D

The Great Melon2862d ago

Not only are they on the top of the charts right now, the ps3 is matching numbers with psp. Handhelds normally reign supreme over the consoles, but they are neck to neck.

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