IGN: The PS3 Perspective: PSN Facebook is Dumb

Late last night, Firmware 3.10 went live for the PlayStation 3 and brought a new way to order photos off the XrossMediaBar as well as three Facebook options you might've missed because they're tucked away under Account Management. Earlier this week, Xbox Live launched Facebook on the Xbox 360.

Over there, you're getting the real Facebook; you can post, comment, look at photos, and so on. Here on the PS3, you're getting none of that. What you can do here is post purchase information, game events, and Trophy information to your Facebook profile.

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Zedux3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

IGN is the one who is dumb!

Sunny_D3136d ago

Dude, come on be honest. Are you really using this? Would any regular Facebook member turn this option on?

LordMarius3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

ok now i see their hidden agenda

I also turned mine on, its not like Im not already spamming with FarmVille might as well spam with real games

Xlll3136d ago

Yes i would and i did thank you.

deadreckoning6663136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

If u guys hate IGN, why do you give them the heat? /facepalm

There just being brutally honest IMO. It's IGN's opinion and they are entitled to it. What's wrong with giving an opinion? More importantly, why do u guys care so much about what IGN likes or dislikes?

BTW: PSN facebook inegration IS dumb. There was no point to it. Sony should have concentrated on making their OWN unique social networking hub with Home with user-generated content. Why isn't anyone complaining that we get half-assed FB integration instead of x-game chat, party system, or custom soundtracks?

"Notice that they never had this about the Xbox 360's version of Facebook."

Thats cause the 360 version of Facebook has more than THREE additions.

Saaking3136d ago

Man, IGN keeps sinking lower and lower.

Carlton Banks3136d ago

Notice that they never had this about the Xbox 360's version of Facebook.

Chaos Striker3136d ago

Are you talking about an article concerning the 360 version of Facebook? Because if so, IGN does have an article about it. It says so in this article.

cyberwaffles3136d ago

IGN is right, it sucks bad. i don't care about facebook as much as others, but i did try it out and its LAME! how much of a loser would you look if people noticed you had a 24/7 income of trophies or demos downloaded? i did notice however that you can finally comment on facebook and things seem to run a bit faster on the browser so that's a plus but other than that, i think the devs could've put more work into something people would actually be interested in.

also, the color thing and photo gallery is nice. it'd be cool to be able to make custom skins for our profiles.

Timesplitter143136d ago

Correction : Facebook on consoles is dumb. Why would you even want to use that?

Also, you can't blame IGN on this one. Facebook PS3 is definately limited

ExPresident3136d ago

The PS3 has more than "three" features. Its called using the Free Browser that the PS3 has to continue using FB and other sites like PS3 users have enjoyed since launch.

If the 360 had a browser maybe you could Google it. :/

Greywulf3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Uses facebook on a ps3..

I mean.. greg is crying, and he mentions the failure of sony's pricing then went full into yelling at sony for their past failures.

The only thing hes excited about for Facebook on the 360 is looking at friends on your tv..

Well I look at friends & their links, which you can't even click on with the 360.

the 360 integrated facebook app is better than the PSN facebook.But the actual facebook website, is better than the 360 app. And its free. Not even mentioning the full Facebook via the browser is ridiculous, hes embarrassed to be a ps3 owner due to facebook?

That is, for those that care.


Jesus he even bashed the controller... lol.

But no, 360 fans really cant see the night & day coverage of MS features vs Sony features and coverage? This article isn't professional. Not at all. Its not like he mentions RROD might happen while you're using facebook on the 360... whats with the spiral of hate about sony listening to their audience? Clearly FB functionality is a desired feature, which is why MS added it.

YoungKiller253136d ago


firelogic3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

If all you do is get trophies and play games 24/7, I'm sure your facebook "friends" are aware of this. Also, if that's what you really do all night and day, what's wrong with showing your true side? I guess it gets in the way of your alter ego that you use on the inet right?

More to the point, if you think what you're doing makes you a loser, why are you doing it?

Darkstorn3136d ago

Actually they did. And they were far more critical of the 360's FaceBook integration than with this article. I'm no fan of IGN, but they are entitled to their own opinion. I happen to agree with them in this instance.

FACTUAL evidence3136d ago

Facebook sucks balls anyways. Back to L4D2.

morganfell3136d ago

That is the point you are missing. I had a Facebook account I never ever used. Couldn't even remember the password...until last night.

You and IGN do not get the fact the PS3 addition isn't about people that already use Facebook ad nauseum to show their granny pictures of their ugly newborn baby.

specialguest3136d ago

PS3's version of facebook is pretty dumb. I'll stick to the regular facebook.

dragunrising3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Feature wise, yes, the PS3 browser provides a more complete Facebook experience. However...and lets take off the fanboy blinders...its slow as hell. The PS3 browser is many times worse than Internet Explorer and you want to use Facebook with it?

If you use Facebook "lite" on 360 you don't get a complete feature set, however its fast AND practical...which is why I will use it on 360 and forget PS3 ever had it.

Free speech is wonderful isn't it? It blows my mind that many users on this site are so black and white. Just because I dislike Facebook on PS3 doesn't mean I dislike Playstation. On the contrary. Lets not all be sheep but form our own opinions that aren't borrowed or an extreme of one thing or another. Shades of grey...

raztad3136d ago


This is so funny. LMAO.

Is this the war of teh facebookzz?

Facebook on a console is quite pointless, not to mention you have a PC for that, but I reckon I love the idea of spamming my facebook with my trophies for everybody to see. Perhaps some friends realize I'm a video game nerd, and join the party.

Sarcasm3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I do like the 360 version of facebook for browsing pictures and viewing actual FB profiles.

What's strange to me is that the PSN version of facebook has something 360 owners want. I remember reading a thread on the xbox forums how they want achievements and information to be posted automatically.

And as a regular PSN user myself, I honestly thought the PSN facebook would at least have the picture browsing or member profile viewing similar to the 360s.

RememberThe3573136d ago

The Facebook features on the XMB are lame. But that doesn't matter because the PS3 has a freakin browser.

ThanatosDMC3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

You can play Farmville on the PS3 browser, fyi.

Why PS3 users cant view pics and vids and whatever else with the FB intergration? Paid exclusivity... /s

Kappa Mikey3136d ago

Greg Miller STFU

Dude. First off: PSN Doesn't need it's own Facebook Icon because anybody can check out the full facebook webpage under INTERNET BROWSERRRRR!!!

mikeslemonade3136d ago

The facebooks have nice features like PSN: You can sync your purchase PSN games, trophies, and events you did in games XBL: you sync your facebook friends and you get to see who has xbl gold.

BWS19823136d ago

I have the browser if I NEED to use "Facebook" so I'm not sure I understand. They really had nothing more "Facebook-related" to add than what is on PSN now, so, I fail to see what the issue is, seeing as how for years there's been an ACTUAL browser with Facebook on it, not to mention nearly anything else on the net. They basically had 100% there, why are people complaining when they tried to put more on top of that? I don't get it.

And why is Bloodmask never around when he puts these anti-PS3 "articles" up...I always see him putting up negative news about Sony but never in there commenting or discussing. It's like his comment and statement is the fact that the news is put up, what gives?

MAiKU3136d ago

Someone once told me you can't spell Ignorant without IGN.

The Lazy One3136d ago

take off the blinders dude. He knocks the 360 in the other article too.

Major_Tom3136d ago

Yeah, Sony is just dumb for giving away facebook apps for free when you could just charge them $50 a year for it!! Haha Suckers! THANKS!

tordavis3136d ago

PS3 has a browser. You can use the fully functional Facebook that way.

IdleLeeSiuLung3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

They should have allowed you to filter out the trohpies you want published as well as may filter it by level i.e platinum or gold etc. So you don't spam people.

In fact, I considered this idea for my own social networking site for gamers, but never got around to finish this.

It's funny how the biggest practically admitted Sony fanboy at IGN is being called a fanboy for criticizing Sony. I guess, you are a 360 fanboy if you have any "remotely" even negative to say about Sony/PS3.

TheAntiFanboy3136d ago

btw, to everyone who keeps citing the 360 as not having a browser, it does. It's accessible through the Media Center interface.

Do your research.

waltercross3136d ago

If you want to post something on Facebook just use the dang browser.
I Turned mines on to, just because I can.

TheReaper423136d ago

you guys should all know this by now.


I however, am not using it... geek status.

morganfell3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

So not only do you have to pay Microsoft to play multiplayer on Live, you have to have a computer, a copy of Windows, and have it turned on just to browse the web?

Brilliant way to suck more money out of your consumer base Redmond.

Utterly ridiculous comment.

IdleLeeSiuLung3136d ago

At least it freaken works, unlike the PS3 who crashes on practically any site you use it on. It is so cumbersome to use, I would just rather turn on my PC or use the Wii's browser. At least the Wii's browser works pretty well.

PS3's browser is hardly useful for anything, but very basic sites and even then it is a chore.

rockleex3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

That say "these guys are entitled to their own opinions!"

Well am I not entitled to my own opinion on their opinion?

Anyways, it seems like Microsoft and Sony switched roles on this whole Facebook fiasco.

Rampant3136d ago

There has been an app for updating achievements and game purchases for your 360 on facebook for a few years now.

Not surprised that PS3 just got those features since a few years is about how far behind Live the PSN is.=)

Guido3136d ago

That the FB integration to the XMB is simply an ad-on to their browser option to FB. You can access your FB account on the browser and now this simply posts your game info. It's only adding to the already cool option of clicking the browser and accessing your FB page. It's only silly and "dumb" to knock the efforts of Sony to give you something for free.

SaiyanFury3136d ago

I cannot speak for the masses, but I can say that I think the entire social networking thing is dumb. That's a personal opinion here, obviously some people like it and enjoy it, so more power to them. Is it dumb on the PS3? Who's to say? Is it better on a computer, I can't testify to that either. Personally, I'd rather play the games rather than piss away my personal time bantering about things with a bunch of people I don't know. I've found in the past, I don't care what other people are doing, so I assume that most of them don't care about some mediocre trophy I might have inadvertently earned. On a personal note, I play games to get away from the mainstream public, not to connect with them about things we don't have in common.

BWS19823136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

is on a roll. You're overstating the issues, or you haven't used the PS3 browser since launch. I could sling some mud your way with "Ha, every 360 gets a red ring of death the minute you turn it on"...See how that slants?

The PS3 browser isn't Firefox, and it's not Chrome, but it's there, it works for about 80-90% of the web nearly flawlessly (a few plug-ins and common sites still incompatible) with the controller, or a mouse and keyboard (which you can get for few bucks a piece in reality), and is getting even more stable as time goes.

I got stuck using that and only that for a couple hundred hours the first half of 2009 until I built my rig, so I'd know. Not to mention its cost is $0. After 2 years? Still $0...year after that, still $0.

The point is you're bitter and spreading exaggerations and fallacies. Go away.

gaffyh3136d ago

1. Facebook itself is pointless.
2. You can get to a fully functioning Facebook through browser if you really give a crap
3. The whole point of PS3 Facebook is to automate data posting, which it does fine, so it's working fine.

Budg3tG4m3r3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Why do some of you fanboys above love IGN one week then turn around and hate them the next week? Don't you see how hypocritical that is? You love em when they say good things about your console, then you hate em when they don't. Funny thing is you all keep going back and you hang on to every IGN review like it's a review from god. So what if Facebook sucks on the PS3, the only reason Sony rushed it out the door is to slow down the MS update hype train.

SWORDF1SH3136d ago

2 words...

...Internet Browser.

MikeGdaGod3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

i've been reading these comments since yesterday and tried to stay out of this stupid discussion, but there's so much misinformation of this topic, its crazy.

# 1 - yes, facebook on any console is stupid.....period

#2 - facebook works on the PS3 browser fine.......ANYONE THAT SAYS DIFFERENT IS A F*CKIN LIAR!!!!!!

no its probably not the optimal way to access facebook, but it does work. all this sh!t about not being able to comment or reply while using the PS3 browser is nonsense. i never use facebook on my PS3 but i did last night just because of this "article". it works.........get over it.

vhero3136d ago

Sorry can you post achievements and link your games to your facebook on 360 like with PS3? and also instantly post soon as you get a new game from the store? I mean that's all you need you an use the browser for everything else and get facebook HOW IT IS MEANT TO BE SEEN. I mean seriously how else you expect them to integrate it into XMB? It would look dumb any way they do it. This is truly the best way.

You can instantly post updates and do things the 360 facebook simply cannot do so its still better. Just because its not there in your face like with 360 they have a problem? I'm sorry but Thankyou Sony for not turning my games console into a social networking computer and concentrating on the console side.

Arnon3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

"So not only do you have to pay Microsoft to play multiplayer on Live, you have to have a computer, a copy of Windows, and have it turned on just to browse the web?"

... I'm assuming that this is supposed to be difficult, correct? Also, how does the multiplayer factor in to having a browser? If you're honestly not running a computer with Windows, then you're in a minority.

ico923136d ago

as much as i love gaming i use facebook to talk to girls and upload pictures, not to post gaming events and to show off my trophie collection so yeah it is kinda dumb

IdleLeeSiuLung3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

I admittedly have not used the PS3 browser recently, but when I did about 6-9 months ago it was still sh!t. It only works minimally on the strength of having a browser on the TV. It crashes on both YouTube (even though it has it's own interface) and Hulu.

The sites it does work on is more of a chore to use on the PS3 controller, might as well just use a laptop or something.

Even if they improved it, it follows their same model. Release a half ass product, then fix it later. Problem is, people get turned off and all they will remember is how terrible that experience was. This is arguably worse than not introducing it, as it turns off people and will be remembered as a failure in others investment decisions.

If you are going to do it, do it right!

Viper73135d ago

Umm, I doubt sony really bothered with useless features like browsing photos of your friends in facebook as its pointless since you can do pretty much everything facebook allows trough Ps3 browser. Can you play the facebook games trough X360 facebook? didn't think so. How about become a fan of something or join a group or write a comment to the groups comments?

Ps3 facebook does what its ment to do, it functions as a gateway between Ps3 and Facebook profile. Nothing else is needed other than maybe some slight customization for the web page when its browsed trough a Ps3 browser.

cyberwaffles3130d ago

i wasn't saying that was the case for me. i'm far too busy to do that, but there are times where if i get leave off work and i'll probably do an all nighter if i'm able to.

i probably turn on my ps3 about 4 or 6 times a week so i'm not completely dedicated to it (although i do love the system), i just know that some people would be on it non stop and i bet it would be embarrassing for some to have their friends see them play games all the time. in my opinion, there are far better things people can do than just play games all the time.

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Sunny_D3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Yeah, I'm sorry but it really is stupid and unnecessary. We could already do this on the web browser. Maybe they were just trying to beat Microsoft to the punch by saying they got Facebook as well? They should have been working on the damn in game cross chat!

kaveti66163136d ago

Dude, can you even make comments on the facebook on the browser? Because I can't, and I don't really need facebook on the PS3 either, but I hate it when fanboys say that they already had facebook on the browser years ago whenever they heard about the 360 FB. We cannot even use it. This version better be useful. I just don't like people listing features that their console is actually incapable of performing.

Sunny_D3136d ago

I think the new FW update improved the browser which now allows us to write messages on Facebook.

kaveti66163136d ago

Ok, that's great. Now, not to sound like a douche, but it's weird because I remember the Sony fanboys talking about how they had Facebook long before that FW update. So were they just talking about that limited viewing page? Cuz that's not cool. Telling people that your console has a feature that it doesn't (at some point it didn't) is basically what we've been bashing 360 fanboys for.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3136d ago

lol, you need to relax; you do know that you can install Yellow Dog Linux for better browsing?

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kenjix3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

professional journalism and a title that says X is Dumb? this is getting pathetic.


for the fail

Canidae3136d ago

It seems they have forgotten the PS3 has had the full Facebook since day one, via the browser, and still does to this day. Heck, it was even improved in 3.10.

kaveti66163136d ago

Does it work? Can I post comments? Can I post replies? Or is it just a static page that I can look at and think to my self, "Hmm, my friend just posted something on my wall. I ought to turn on my computer and comment."

diatom3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

It's a regular browser.

Does it work? YES

Can I post comments? YES

Can I post replies? YES

Or is it just a static page that I can look at and think to my self, "Hmm, my friend just posted something on my wall. I ought to turn on my computer and comment." NO

Using the controller is unpleasant but any USB keyboard plugs right in...

GiantEnemyCrab3136d ago

Kavet: It's never worked on the PS3. Sure you can look at it but you could never use it. But hey, who cares about the facts right..

I agree with IGN here, it's dumb on both platforms.. But some people seem to enjoy it so what can you do..

kaveti66163136d ago

Yo diatom, I'm not trolling here. I'm asking a serious question. MY browser on my PS3 does NOT let me post comments. It just doesn't. I click on the comment bar and use the DS3 to type in a comment, then I click share and NOTHING happens. So if you know how to do it, then tell me.

aaronisbla3136d ago

i use my ps3 a lot as others will tell you, but i have never been able to use facebook on it. Not that i would anyways, i play my systems for games, if i wanna check my facebook page, i use my pc that has a browser that doesn't go so slow.

beardpapa3136d ago

It's true like they say. You can't spell ignorant without IGN. Neither console is perfect in terms of Facebook or Twitter implementation. Did they not checkout how painful it is to use Twitter?

Point being said... anyone who is ANYONE that has Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, or in the past several months probably has and started an account with one of these from their PC.


Do you really think we gamers will start using these services on a console w/o our tried-and-true mice and keyboards?

-EvoAnubis-3136d ago

"Does it work? Can I post comments? Can I post replies? Or is it just a static page that I can look at and think to my self, "Hmm, my friend just posted something on my wall. I ought to turn on my computer and comment.""

How many times do I have to say this? You're welcome.

Canidae3136d ago

@ aaronisbla, try what -EvoAnubis- suggested. Apparently you didn't know about it so I won't blame you, but Facebook Lite works extremely well on the PS3 browser.