Modern Warfare 2 Movie Coming

In a New York Post interview with actor Kevin McKidd, voice of Captain "Soap" McTavish in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, it was revealed that a movie adaptation of the aforementioned game is in the works. Here's an excerpt of the interview...

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Noctis Aftermath3166d ago

Nice way to waste money activision, but it's ok you can just make it back by releasing a 3 map pack DLC for $20

Sarcasm3166d ago

Or they can release a 5 map pack DLC with a couple changes and call it Left4Duty: MW3 and charge $60.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I love how GameTrailers knocked 0.7 points off of Uncharted 2 for "Not being original" and having a "Short" 10 hour campaign but gave MW2 a 9.5 for bringing absolutely NOTHING new to gaming and a campaign that is LITERALLY under 5 hours.

-MW2's campaign is mediocre at best.

-Spec Ops is just bits and pieces of the mediocre campaign.

-Multiplayer still has the lag issues that CoD4 and WaW had. It's like everything you do is 5 seconds out of sync with the rest of the game. And don't try to tell me "It's just lag like every game has" because CoD4, WaW and MW2 are the ONLY games that do this so it's clearly an issue with Activision's servers. The most annoying thing is when you're getting shot, so you run behind a 30 foot thick building but you still die and when the camera shifts into third person, you're suddenly out in the open and on the Kill Cam you're standing wide out in the open like a peckerwood jackass even though on your screen you were behind it! There's a TON of other ridiculous lag problems that ONLY happen in the CoD games but I won't bother naming them since there's so many.

95 on Metacritic LOL! MW2 might be the single most overrated game of all time! Move over GTA IV, I think you've been replaced.

MW2 gets a generous 7.5 IMO.

raztad3166d ago

MW the movie = 1 hour long movie with cliche story full of explosions. It fit the game perfectly.

BWS19823166d ago

the movie going to cost $10 more than normal tickets?

NoBias3166d ago

To say that this game has brought absolutely nothing new what so ever to FPS's is a bit of a stretch. I mean come on, what other game lets you jump in an AC130 mid multiplayer match? And the amount of weapons, streaks and perks make for some really interesting class creations.

Honestly, I like how they listened to the fans who said "Man, the Airstrikes and Choppers are cool and all but I'd love to be able to be up there in those aircrafts and shoot" and now you can.

Yea... They did screw over the PC community heavily and that seriously blows, but just because they dropped the ball on a few things doesn't mean you over look EVERYTHING they did with the game.

Though I will be pissed if it gets Game of the Year over Uncharted 2. That game simply raised the bar in almost every aspect. They deserve the award.

Now I'm gonna jump back into this BC2 Beta. It's sick.

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NateNater3166d ago

Oh boy. There's gonna be controversy all over this movie if they do make it. Something tells me there will be a scene like the "No Russian" part of Modern Warfare 2.

mistajeff3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Yeah, but there are scenes like that all the time in movies. It won't be a big deal because it's now in a passive and watchable form instead of an interactive form. It's no longer training children to be terrorists, or however they like to sensationalize it on the news.

Dirk Benedict3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Next up;

Modern Warfare 2 Snuggies

Modern Warfare 2 Condoms

Modern Warfare 2 Lunchables

Modern Warfare 2 Kids Meal

Modern Warfare 2 Hero

Modern Warfare 2 Contact Lenses

Modern Warfare 2 Penis Enhancer

Modern Warfare 2 Hair Gel

Modern Warfare 2 Crotchless Panties "one shot one kill"

ZombieAutopsy3166d ago

you forgot Modern Warfare 2 Milk

MajestieBeast3166d ago

I wonder what they will call it mediocre warfare 2 the half hour movie?

skip2mylou3166d ago

please dont joke about that i beat MW2 in 3hours even tho i died a lot like 40-60 times but those were grenade suicides on favela

EvanVolm3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Can't wait to see the No Russian scene...

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