Microsoft Releases Games for Windows Update

That Gaming Site writes: "Microsoft has released an update for their Games for Windows Live PC client, the upgrade brings with it many cosmetic changes."

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Elven63195d ago

Much better than the original, now how about some content to fill the thing?

pangitkqb3195d ago

I hope Microsoft takes advantage of this

darkequitus3195d ago

Yes, it is a bit sparse and underused. I downloaded the last version and could not do much with it. I hope they do start putting more content on it.

raiden_933195d ago

I haven't used this before but then again I'm not a serious PC gamer. Is it like Steam?

darkequitus3195d ago

No even close, though it could be if they put it out there better and fill it with content

Pandamobile3195d ago

Steam is a content provider and much, much more. GFWL is pretty much Xbox Live on PC (so, sh1t).

No one likes GFWL. It's clunky, slow and downright annoying.

TheIneffableBob3195d ago

Which is disappointing because, since Microsoft has a huge amount of resources and influence, they could have made it something worth using.

Elven63195d ago

GFWL isn't that bad Panda, it was at one point but it has vastly improved since launch. The service is just...a mess.

1. Nothing is connected, meaning the ingame client can't communicate with the marketplace and vice versa.
2. You can't buy games on the marketplace, Microsoft alone has some great classic games that if put up on the marketplace would do great.
3. Not a lot of titles support GFWL
4. Microsoft doesn't make first party PC games anymore. =/

Pandamobile3195d ago

I know it's improved since its launch, but its still a horrible service even today. I've lost countless GTA IV save-games. I hated it in FO3, and I REALLY hated it in GOW.

It's so utterly useless..

DiffusionE3195d ago

GFWL is mostly useless in games, and in some cases, actually becomes a hindrance to the game. Microsoft shouldn't have made it if they were gonna shift their priorities to the 360 anyway. I hope it dies out soon, it's so annoying with little to no support from the creators.

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BubbleSniper3195d ago

ms sold their soul to console war. idiots!

edoman203195d ago

This service is CRAP

Its time to let it die

Steam FTW