'LittleBigPlanet - 2 New Screens

LittleBigPlanet is a community-based Playstation 3 game with a hugely innovative concept behind it. Meet on a blue and green planet scattered with individual plots -- and use your character's amazing abilities to play, create and share what you build with other gamers throughout the world via PS Network. Check out the new screens.

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PlayStation3604211d ago

Maybe not. Will this game be amazing? Looks like it may. Will this game sell? All points say yes. Will I get this game? HELLZ YEAH!!

dissectionalrr4211d ago

well i really don't know exactly what the point is.. but it looks pretty stupid to me. not too much action going on.

Dr Pepper4211d ago

This game looks...interesting.
It's definitely something different from what we usually see in games.

BIadestarX4211d ago

I guess it's official... games are evolving... I mean... look at the wii... people are going crazy over it. What's so special about this game? The graphics? The way you can custom the characters? The fact that you can play play a game using the environment. What is so special about this game that makes it the greatest game ever. This game is getting more hype than Final Fantasy and Metal Gear put together. Can someone tell me what is it about this game that it's so special... I am not trying to flame. The game may be great. I just want to know why when the name PS3 come in people only say, "little big planet and Home". Why?

beast4211d ago

Xbox360 has neither type of these games...Period

Karibu4211d ago

you sure are insecure...

I knew there was a reason I have you in my ignore list.

BIadestarX4211d ago

"I knew there was a reason I have you in my ignore list." Ohh wow... Why do I have the feeling you were expecting me to care, yet I don't give a $h!t... is this feeling normal? I beg you please don't ignore me. It's an awful feeling being ignore what the unknows... You are so important to me.. that didn't even know you did that.

Anyways.. back to topic... Why Sony fans are always on defense mode. Seriously, I make a valid question since I am failing to see the value in this game (for an adult) and I get 3+ disagree and 2 replies that went straight to insulting instead of explaining (Intelligently) what makes this game so special. And I am the one that's insecure? It should be easy to point out what makes this game a AAA. Don't you think? Let let try again... and Hopefully a smart sony fan that's not driven by publicity and is able to pick a game because he like it and it's not told to like it (like lemmings do) can answer a simple question.

What's so special about this game that will put this game in the categories of Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Halo, God of war and other AAA games?

Karibu4211d ago

"Anyways.. back to topic... Why Sony fans are always on defense mode."

Damn, you were more sad than I knew.
That's hardly the topic here. It's LBP. If you don't understand
why some of us like LBP, ask yuorself why some of us don't like, Halo and stuff. Why Playstation fans are on defence mode? Well, why Xbox fans are on offence mode?

TylerDurden4211d ago

Unfortunately none of the replies to your post gave an answer, other than you should ask yourself why some PS owners don't like Halo.

From what I read it's the graphics and user generated content/objects that you can easily drop into the maps. I get why people would think that is cool, but I don't understand why this is being hyped so much as well.

Hopefully they will release a demo and it sounds like it may be one of the few games on either 360 or PS3 that my wife may enjoy.

VirtualGamer4211d ago

Not sure if this is the greatest game ever but what this game does offer is the unpresidented ability for people to customize every aspect of the game. Not only with in game assets but with your own pictures and images. So you can build your own levels and then share them and play through them with your friends. In addition to all that it looks fun! Thats what is exciting to people.

If you don't get it that's fine not everyone likes every type of game but for those that do this game offers something unique, creative and fun.

BIadestarX4211d ago

Finally, someone with brains... No wonder you have so many bubbles VirtualGamer. That's all I was asking for.

achira4211d ago

bladestar, not all ppl want to play all the time fps, so this ppl will buy another console, like the ps3 and not the fpsconsole.

BIadestarX4211d ago

achira, you lost me there. uhh... what console are you talking about? I hope you are not talking about the PS3... the best selling PS3 game is a FPS(Resistance)... and one of the most anticipated games is also a FPS(Killzone "The Halo Killer" LOL)... The Xbox 360 may be the best console for FPS... but that does not mean the PS3 does not have great FPS or that people that want FPS wouldnt buy a PS3.

QuackPot4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

Yes, it also has the great graphics, physics, user-created content etc,

But LBP has gone back-to-basics - simple, innocent fun. In an industry where there are so many games involving destruction or mayhem, LBP is a welcome respite.

Afterall, a true movie fan doesn't just watch scifis, horrors or actioners and ignore comedies, romances or dramas. If the film is good, it's good. FULLSTOP.

Likewise, a TRUE gamer shouldn't close his mind to something as simple and, dare I say it, as cute as LBP is. If it's good, it's good. FULLSTOP.

And what we've seen already at GDC etc shows it's good indeed.

This game has broad appeal to win the hearts and minds of gamers of all ages and genders with its creativity, gameplay and those damn adorable characters.

LBP is likely to be one of those rare games - which neither the xbox 360 or Wii has - that could truly jump start sales of a console.

Undoubtedly, a must have. FULLSTOP.

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Bloodmask4211d ago

for Sonys first party titles. God of War, Gran Turismo, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus. But even I have to say I could care less about [email protected]

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