Top 10 most downloaded PSN add-ons so far in 2009

The top 10 most downloaded game add-ons on the Playstation Network so far this year.

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NateNater3194d ago

Not surprised to see CoD take up the top 4 spaces

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3194d ago

Agreed, not surprising at all.

rukia_chan3194d ago

9. Killzone 2: Steel and Titanium Pack

glad see killzone 2 in the list.. game is goty of 2009 imo.

PotNoodle3194d ago

Yay for #5! It deserved it, fantastic pack. Such a shame there hasn't been anything like it for LBP since.

Keowrath3194d ago

Agreed! MGS pack for LBP was awesome!

Carl14123194d ago

Agreed. Wish MM would do some other ones - Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank etc :(

Keowrath3194d ago

Resident Evil 5 Vs mode???? That's just plain sad!

forcefullpower3194d ago

I have to agree with you on that one too. Would be curious if it is high up on the 360 list too.

STK0263194d ago

It's mostly sad when you consider it's ranked higher on the list than much better add-ons like the KZ2 one. And also when you consider that it was on the disk to begin with.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

I was one of the numbers who downloaded the RE5 versus mode, what a rip-off. Fact is RE5 as a whole was a rip-off, and regret buying both disk and DLC. 4hrs max passing on second playthrough (garbo).
I probably bought the DLC because it was the first weeks the PSN cards came to my area after 2yrs of waiting (impulse purchase ).

andron6663194d ago

I'm sure that boosted it's sales...

Keowrath3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

I bought the game too. The special edition in fact and I absolutley loved the game. Sure it's moved away from it's original roots but I had a great time getting the plat for it.

I had no issue with it's controls, it handled like a resi evil game to me and once you're used to it, running around blasting zombie heads off their shoulders becomes pretty much second nature.

I've only played the multiplayer a few times in couch co-op but we always had great fun when we did. It was just the principle of paying for something that was on the disc I had already paid for as STK026 says. I don't mind good DLC at all but the resi evil DLC was just a rip off plain and simple.

mastiffchild3193d ago

Most. Disappointing. Game. Ever. Made. Full stop. That's RE5 to me. Controls are fine, about all that is about the SP with you forced to babysit the clueless Sheva(so annoying I can't face replaying the game even to make nhilarious videos of me getting her killed like we all used to in RE4 with Ashley!)and while the co-op was OK(once)it's not acary(EVER) playing with your mate and you're meant to play survival horror games on your own,. lights off, sklound up and late at night. Not laughing with your buddy! Plus if you have crappy internet you're stuck with computer Sheva in SP which is the definition of frustrating.

I honestly thought they couldn't make it ANY worse. Then came the Vs content and the whole "it's on the disc FFS!" debacle! And guess what those classic Resi controls aren't ANY good for? That's right and it's NO shock that they nmake MP a complete joke. I've NEVER, not in all my years of being alive, cme across anything quite so completely pointless and useless as Vs mode in RE5. I prefer Sheva-and that's saying something.

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kraze073194d ago

I've never downloaded any add-ons that weren't free. They shoud be all be free.

Apocwhen3194d ago

Agreed, I think the best supported game on the PS3 with free DLC has got to be Unreal Tournament 3. If only other companies would follow.

Keowrath3194d ago

I agree Apocwhen, the Titan pack for UTIII was incredible, especially as it was free. It bought so much more to the game (which wasn't already on the disk *COUGH* CAPCOM *COUGH*) I was pretty disappointed to see split screen 2 player wasn't included with the original game but when it was added via the free DLC I was extremely happy!

That was definitely one of the best DLC's ever released on PSN.

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