PlayStation Store Global Update 11/19/09

Want to see which region got what content? Look no further, as PlayStation LifeStyle has done the searching for you and compiled a list of what's new in this week's PlayStation Store Update, for all regions across the globe.

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doctorstrange3016d ago

Great week for PSN, here's to many more

Sev3016d ago

Nailed quite a few items on our Rumored PS Store content.

Lifewish3016d ago

yes you did sev, good work :)

T3mpr1x3016d ago

Yay for Peggle, but where's LittleBigPlanet PSP for NA? Oh and I'd like to see some more DJ Hero DLC already...

ftwrthtx3016d ago

How many people actually bought DJ Hero? Will there be enough users to make DLC profitable?

Redempteur3016d ago

??, dlc is always profitable's straight extra money ..

decimalator3016d ago

wtf is up with LBP for PSP in NA? All we get this week is the beta?!? I paid an extra $80 for the PSPgo and I can't play new games when they come out? This REALLY pisses me off.

Close_Second3016d ago

...that in New Zealand not even the demo was avail from the PSN store when accessing it via the PS3. However, it was available if I accessed the PSN store via the PSP.

ftwrthtx3016d ago

Europe got LBP PSP and all we get is the demo? That's meesed up.

Keowrath3016d ago

Waiting several months for Street Fighter 2 HD was messed up... And where's our UK Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 costume pack that US got last week, Japan got this week?

dopeboimagic923016d ago

YES! Ad-Hoc Party is here at last

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