Final Fantasy XIII rated by ESRB

Final Fantasy XIII has been rated by the ESRB. Does the rating surprise you?

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WildArmed3109d ago

As expected.. all FF games have been around the T range

koehler833109d ago

All PlayStation FF games are T. All Nintendo FF games are E-E10. (Even the overlaps)

Saaking3109d ago

Not really. Most FFs have been T. M would be too much and E would be too little. T is fine.

Snake Raiser3109d ago

This is unsurprisingly one of the most unsurprising things I have ever read.

FACTUAL evidence3109d ago

They we're going to rate it "T" for teen...if you're surprised you must be new to the FF series.

sikbeta3109d ago

Final Fantasy XIII rated by ESRB, Does the rating surprise you?


Foliage3108d ago

Versus 13 will be rated Mature.

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Tony P3109d ago

Should I be surprised?

I think it would be more surprising to see Versus with a T since it's supposed to be so "dark". But then again, not really.

Aclay3109d ago

The Teen rating for FFXIII isn't surprising, but it would be pretty cool if Versus XIII makes history as the first rated M Final Fantasy... and if it doesn't, judging by certain scenes in one of the trailers I'm pretty sure it'll be right on the borderline of being M.

KiRBY30003109d ago

i've seen some blood and arm breakin on those trailers. :)

Kurisu3109d ago

The Shiva Sisters turn in to a bike, not a car!

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The story is too old to be commented.