Rage To Feature Classic id Weapons

NowGamer: id Software's creative director has unveiled new details on the studio's upcoming post-apocalyptic FPS/combat racing hybrid...

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Bereaver2920d ago

At the moment, I don't care about Rage.

BabyStomper50002919d ago

This game is going to be awesome... it is kinda hard to get excited about it though when it's not going to come out anytime soon.

Foliage2919d ago

From a developer standpoint, I care highly about Rage. They have some great technology and ideas in this project.

IaMs122920d ago

Oh yah bring on the BFG!

Guido2919d ago

Well, actually maybe it runs right next to the Cerebral Bore from Turok. Now that was one awesome weapon.

Polluted2919d ago

I was always partial to the original Quake nailgun. Remember the ammo had the NIN symbol on it? Classic.

Xgamerzus2919d ago

I can't wait for this games release date!!!
looking forward to a game of bliss, and destruction!!!
Forget Boringlands,Falloutbored,left4 sameolddead,FPS games.

Polluted2919d ago

Thank you. That was very helpful.

*buys gaming PC*

champ212919d ago

no need for a gaming pc mate.

even a 2yr old pc equiped with a 150usd gpu will run circles around the console version ;-)

and will continue to do so for the rest of the gen.. while costing cheaper..

table2919d ago

This game is gonna be great, you can just tell already.

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