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Dark-Angel092863d ago

Resident Evil 2 FTW!!!!!!!!

labaronx2863d ago

both for only $6 bucks each

Dark-Angel092863d ago

I forgot about Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver. I'll pick that up aswell.

Prototype2863d ago

Is this the origional RE2 or is it the RE2 Greatest Hits version? I have a physical copy of RE2 but I'll get the RE2 off psn if its the GH version so I can play that extra mode again I miss it :(

DaTruth2863d ago

Played the Soul Reaver demo and liked it! I don't know why I never ended up buying it!

RE2 was the first RE I played. I remember the first slow zombies killing me and my friend like 20 times!

Lifendz2863d ago

That's going to bring back memories. One of the best Resident Evil games evarrrrrr

Whitefox7892863d ago

It is the Dualshock Edition.

Prototype2862d ago

thanks Whitewolf, got a new game to download :D

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Press_Agree2863d ago

Too bad this sucks so much. The XBLA store gets so much better items. Press Agree

MAiKU2863d ago

Close your mouth, you look like you're missing a chromosome.

DeforMAKulizer2863d ago


Seven_ate_Nine2863d ago

It gives you a demo. But that's it :/

callahan092863d ago

Wow. Resident Evil 2 is cheaper than RE: Director's Cut. That's awesome, because I always preferred RE2 and I thought 10 bucks for RE:DC was a bit high. 6 dollars for either game is perfect, for RE2 is definitely getting a buy from me!

Also, Soul Reaver for the win!

Now I just can't wait for Vagrant Story and FFVIII.

Wolfie2863d ago

RE2 >>>>> RE4 + RE5 combined :)

Dutch Boogie2863d ago

AGREED!!! Ahh those where the good old times.

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The story is too old to be commented.