DualShockers: Dragon Age: Origins Review

To be quite honest, Dragon Age: Origins wasn't quite what I expected. I'm not one to pour over every piece of information hand-fed to us by Bioware before the game's release, so I didn't really know every little aspect to what the game was supposed to be. All I knew was it is an RPG, set in a medieval fantasy world and there are dragons. Actually, Bioware had me at dragons, they were smart to put that in the title. Needless to say, I think I was expecting more of an Oblivion feel. That aside, the unexpected can sometimes be just what is needed.

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taz80803104d ago

Dragon Age Origins is a very fun game but I think they could have knocked it out of the park with some online play or coop.

Chadness3104d ago

I hear that a lot, but in this particular case, I feel that a single-player RPG experience was the best way to go.