Bye Bye PSP

From USA Network's 'The Clik' website:

Do you remember the PSP (Playstation Portable)? It was the Sony portable game system that boasted 480 x 272 pixel resolution, 16.7 million colors and a 333MHz processor. Technically, it sounds like a pretty awesome system, right? The portable device has seen several iterations all brandishing a futuristic label like the PSP 1000, the PSP 2000 or last year's PSP 3000. Gamers could also take a break from gaming to watch full-length feature films on the ultra-wide screen. So, why is it that a system that sounds so cool to play on the go (which just happens to be the latest PSP branding scheme - PSP Go) has faired so poorly in the gaming market?

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klashawnd3189d ago

Didn't even know that USA had a gaming website. But the guy actually makes a good point. Sony knows the impact the DS and iPhone had that's why they came up with the PSP Go and the Minis "apps". While it looks like Sony finally has the PS3 headed in the right direction, I really can't say the same for the PSP. Especially if the Go stays $249.

GWAVE3189d ago

I love the PSP, and while it has sold less than the DS, it has still sold over 50 million units. That's a LOT. And you can't just compare it to DS sales. Nintendo has been in the handheld market for almost two decades. The PSP is Sony's first handheld, and yet Sony STILL managed to snag a third of the handheld market away from Nintendo.

Anyone with half a brain can see that the PSP is a massive success. It's just that the DS is a more massive success.

hobokiller3189d ago

Laughable headline. The PSP isn't dead. It's seeing an influx of titles in 2010 and beyond. I love my DS and PSP equally.

Chuck-Norris3189d ago

the console competition would be more like the competition between ds and psp. They are so different from eachother that alot of ppl get both, the only thing that would ruin it is if another party (M$) came out of nowhere with a handheld trying to take first place in everything... but what do i know know right? im just a stupid consumer...

The Great Melon3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Hardly dead. 31.7% of the market is very good when you look at the numbers that those percentages represent. While I much prefer the PSP over the DS, I still like both and will continue to support both platforms. Games like Lumines really make the psp's screen shine.


@Chuck Norris

True, when I look at the DS and the PSP, I see two completely different systems. They may both be rolled into the same handheld category, but the strong points of both really define the two. Also while the companies are both competing, there is none of the nasty mudslinging going on with the consoles.

Narutone663189d ago

for my son to play kiddie games. While I got myself a PSP to play mature games. I even bought a second PSP (GT PSP bundle) recently to play some GT PSP. Scribblenauts a nice game for the NDSL, but my sons too young to play it yet. But he's been playing mostly Mario Party and some Brain Age.

PSP is not going anywhere, competition is good for the industry. Although, PSP is geared toward the more mature gamers, while the NDSL is for the younger gamers.

Information Minister3189d ago

This is ridiculous. We've been seeing these articles for what?... 2/3 years now? And the system is still around.

If it "fared so poorly" by selling 55+ million units, what does that make of the PS3/360?

HolyOrangeCows3189d ago

so long as that means PSP2 comes out, with 2 control sticks and more power :)

rockleex3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )


Because the DS has a touchscreen. That allows developers much more creativity than just one analog stick.

With two analog sticks, developers have a much wider variety of games they can make that actually control well.

Basically right now, the PSP is handicapped (one analog stick) while the DS is Harry Potter (touchscreen magic). Which explains why there are less games coming out for the PSP than DS. Less software to choose from leads to less hardware sales.

sikbeta3189d ago

YOu can't say Bye Bye PSP when all of us know the thing sold more than 50m

Japan love the PSP and his different colors and games, while the DS has the advantage from years ago to have those DQ and Pokemons, that's why It sell SO much more

AnttiApina3189d ago

PSP is a really handy portable console plus with homebrews I can do all kinds of awesome stuff like play SNES games or watch videos from youtube.

ThanatosDMC3189d ago

It's staying at $249.99 because of the 16gb... geez, it's like they dont want memory.

SkyGamer3188d ago

I remember when the sony chief was hailing the psp as the Nintendo "killer". I still remember those quotes as to get the "handheld gaming out of the gaming ghetto" and a bunch of other nonsense including how it would spell the demise for Nintendo. Even Adam Sessler and the G4 crew thought that the psp would crush all in it's path. Even Nintendo didn't classify the DS in the same league. Who would have thought. Even now in the current gen, Nintendo kicking @$$ and taking names!

RememberThe3573188d ago

Everyone I know who's seen it thinks the thing is awesome. Then I tell them the price and their like, "F*ck that!". The fact is that the PSP as a platform has been out long enough that a $250 price tag is not attractive. Sony would probably be moving units if they drop the price 50 bucks.

Maybe they don't think they make up the difference in software sales since the PSP can't sell games for the life of it.

ico923188d ago

the psp has sold over 50 million , i wish i could say the same for every other handheld that wasnt manufactured by nintendo so overall this article didnt need to be made

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thereapersson3189d ago

AFAIK, the PSP hasn't died. What is this nonsense, just because the PSP hasn't sold as much as the DS? I guess the PS3 & 360 are both "dead" because they haven't sold as much as the Wii?

raztad3189d ago

Like with the PS3 the media has been killing the psp for years. Move on, nothing to see here.


The media killed the psp? How about lackluster support, crappy games, rampant piracy, stupid ass umd, multiple iterations, horrible battery life, 1 analog nub and now the worthless psp go. Sony itself has done a bang up job killing the psp. The iphone and the ds have been much more successful because the support is there. Nobody wants to pay for games on the psp.

iceman063189d ago

I would say that I would disagree with some of what you said. First, the PSP is Sony's FIRST handheld console. Sony is the only company that has stood up to the Nintendo juggernaut of hanheld supremacy and managed to survive. 50 million consoles sold and counting is nothing to scoff at. There was lackluster support from third parties in the beginning simply because PSP was more powerful than most handhelds of the time. That meant that devs struggled to define what type of experience to make. Thus, they attempted to port games that were akin to PS2 games down to the PSP. Crappy games...with all of the shovelware that gets tossed onto the Nintendo consoles that comment is just laughable. Yeah, there were some stinkers...but what console doesn't suffer from this. Plus, that excuse doesn't hold near as much water as it did in the first year of the PSP's life. Horrible battery life!?!? 4-5 hours is not that bad too me. It is equal to any laptop, portable dvd player, or even Ipod!!! Multiple iterations??? That is the Nintendo way. How many versions of GameBoy or DS are there? Piracy is easier on the DS than that one goes out the window. I agree that the single analog nub might have been a bad design decision. However, that doesn't KILL the experience in the least. There are several devs that have made there way around that "flaw" and made great games. Finally, UMD was a great idea...but it failed to garner the proper support that would have lowered prices for movies.
If you don't like the PSP...that is each his own...but the reasons that were given are not reflective of the problems with the PSP. PSP was and WILL always be facing an uphill battle. Nintendo has been the main handheld since the early 90's. Sony is trying to make it's way the best that it can. The fact that it is STILL around is accomplishment enough...let alone the fact that it has cut into the handheld market and fought hard to claim a little wiggle room. Let's see what round 2 has to offer shall we!?!?!

gamingisnotacrime3189d ago

and this season, the PSP library is trully packing some heat

3189d ago
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