Is Xbox Live ban the ultimate answer to piracy?

Guardian: Yes, it's another Modern Warfare 2 blog. I touched on the piracy angle in a post last week and expanded upon it for an article in the paper today:

Modern Warfare 2 has shifted more than one million copies in the UK alone and is likely to sell many more before Christmas. Its controversial terrorist section is what's got the headlines. But the real story here is online. The huge appeal of Modern Warfare 2 is primarily driven by its online modes. The single-player section of the game – as splendidly over the top and visceral as it is – is over in six or seven hours. The multiplayer modes will keep you entertained for six or seven months – or, looking at the number of people still playing the original 2007 Modern Warfare, probably longer.

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jack who3104d ago

modders have already found ways too unban them selfs. sooo no

ambientFLIER3103d ago

And they'll just get banned again, so what's the difference?

-GametimeUK-3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I dunno lol

But if people can get their games for free / cheaper and get away with it then morepower to them... (although in this case they didnt get away with it... and crying about being punished is just lame...)

so in short my opinion

1. Its up to you if you wanna pirate games... good job if you dont get caught
2. If you do get caught dont cry like a b!tch when you get punished for doing something wrong...

The Meerkat3104d ago

Rather than a ban. MS could just gimp the system a bit.
Like block in game music and chat.
Or add a 2 minute delay at start up.
Or lock every game to its hardest settings.

dazzalfc3104d ago

They do 'gimp' the system to a certain extent. Being console banned from Live also means you cant install games to the hard drive, or use most of the media center functions.

This is where i feel sorry for those buying second hand 360's from places like Ebay or game shops which have banned consoles. There is nothing these people can do to reverse the bans, and its almost money down the drain for them.

Ban the pirates, but at least give a little bit of thought to the second hand market aswell

Pixel_Addict3104d ago

of course its not the 'answer' to piracy! Many pirates (still funny to type) had already taken measures to avoid the ban. An ex-coworker has a modded Xbox360 and he is still on Xbox live. Not very long after more pirates will find a way around the ban and just continue as usual or just buy a PS3. Getting banned has prob pissed them off.

yoshiroaka3104d ago

If i was a pirate it wouldn't have bothered me cause i don't play online but then i guess I'm just one of a dying breed =(.

TotalPS3Fanboy3104d ago

Hell no. Microsoft can't ban them if they play offline.

pimpmaster3104d ago

its wierd, ms never really banned anyone unless they played games early. now they can detect custom firmware. i wander why they took 3 years to wait and do that.

ThanatosDMC3104d ago

Banning is a start. Also, corrupting their save files would be the ultimate b*tch slap.

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Godmars2903104d ago

Certainly a way for MS to claim increased console sales.

Greywulf3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

yup. Which is why they dont ban accounts. Just the system

Lykon3104d ago

the current level of piracy is not affecting Infinity wards profits too badly, as they sold 47 million pounds worth of MW2 on day one in UK alone. I think the the majority of modded 360's are owned by ordinary gamers who will probably be put off of modding consoles.

i was chatting to an australian man this morning on home who got banned for a modded 360 and he was telling me that he decided the time was right to change to ps3 so he went out and got a slim bundle. He said how much he loved the ps3 including the online service and how much better he found the ps3 "in every single way". and was happy to buy games for it. I wonder how many others are going to make the change? he wasn't commited to piracy just a gamer going with the flow of his peer group. he was impressed with home, (which is improving all the time) so i pointed him in the direction of some free stuff to get him started . He will have a lot of great exclusives to catch up on that are in the stores for half original price or less. :)

Rowsdower3104d ago

i think MS secretly mods peoples machines during updates and with the use of ninjas.

then bans them

then puts a gun to their head to purchase a new machine

perfect crime

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Raider693104d ago

How the hell they think people are going to stop piracy on the 360,wend the pirate have the option to play a 59.99 us dollars or a 65 euros game for just 4 euros!Screw xbox live thats for sure!And if you have a second console like the PS3,screw xbox live two times in a row!

Goldenarmz3104d ago

not really, because yes you banned the console, but these people can still play pirated games, which means they can still dl their stuff. Yeah they cant play online, but i got mines banned, but now i will buy another one. Stick to online games on the new one and just play single player games on the banned one. Yes i was banned but im still dling my games, the industry is still losing money. So no, its not the ultimate answer because developers are still being screwed over, while a few ppl got banned from Live, yet those same ppl r still paying for the service. I think they need to figure out away to patch it where it disables the firmware. Why don they just patch one themselves and figure out a way to combat it. This is a billion dollar corp.

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