More Natal details revealed in February

Microsoft has today confirmed it will reveal more details about its Project Natal 360 peripheral to developers at its Gamefest conferences this February.

The news follows our reports the firm is currently touring studios to spur Natal support and hiring developers to make new first-party games for the new peripheral.

It also comes following news that Microsoft's Gamefest conferences are to return after taking a break in 2009 - with events planned for the USA, UK and Japan.

Microsoft says the USA multi-track event will feature 'two full tracks solely dedicated to disclosing never-before seen details of game development using Project Natal'.

One track will be about designing for Natal, the other will be about the technical aspects of the camera peripheral.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3074d ago

launch of Sphere which is rumoured to be coming out in February.

Saaking3074d ago

If it's only around 60 bucks I might try it out just to see how it supposed to work. If it's 100 bucks or more MS is insane.

heroicjanitor3074d ago

I hope it's good, but if the media blows up crap and fakes again like they did at e3...

Hutch23553074d ago

100 bucks would be a dumb move. 60 bucks would get the casuals they are after and some of the hardcore guys to give it a try.

IdleLeeSiuLung3074d ago

However, that is risky since casuals don't buy as many games!

TotalPS3Fanboy3073d ago

Microsoft should choose a different name. Natal rhyme with an*l.

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LastPlaceConsole3074d ago

Haven't seen so much innovation in one product since the Halo series

can't wait for more info about the price

Darkeyes3074d ago

Lol seriously!!! There were better FPSes before Halo you do know that don't you (Hint *it also starts with a H*)? OH wait ah a console gamer only well ok carry on....

LastPlaceConsole3074d ago


i guess Half life is the king On PC and halo is the king On consoles

Kushan3074d ago

Really? Half-life's Multiplayer was that good, was it? I think you're confusing a great Singeplayer game with a great Multiplayer game.
I'm no fan of Halo and I love Half-life, but let's give credit where credit is due - Halo did a LOT for FPS games on consoles, probably as much as the likes of Half-life did for FPSs on PCs.

Darkeyes3074d ago

A little mod of HL which was later called 'Counter Strike' introduced millions of players to online gaming. Not saying it was the first (don't know if it was also), but it still is regarded as one of the best multi-player games ever created.... I never discredited Halo, but saying it's 'innovated' FPS on console is BS... Goldeneye did it and Halo made it better by actually making people enjoy FPSes by not making the controls cumbersome... Do you really think Halo would be as popular as it is now if it was on the PC??? I don't think so...

Kushan3074d ago

I never said Halo was above and beyond other PC games of the time, re-read what I said - it did a lot for CONSOLE FPS games. Yes, Goldeneye was fantastic at the time, but Halo brought Multiplayer FPS to the mainstream in a way that Goldeneye never could. You're right, they made it easier to pick up and play, they got the controls down, you say that like it isn't just a big deal but the fact that thousands of people still play Halo and most people have moved on from Goldeneye should show just how well Halo has done for itself.
Now don't get me wrong and even though I've said this before, I'll say it again - I'm not a big fan of Halo. I came from PC gaming myself, so I know exactly how so many people feel about halo - it lacks the depth of many PC games, it feels almost watered down, casual in many senses, but as I said I still respect it for what its influence has done for gaming as a whole.

BRG90003074d ago

PSA: Don't feed the trolls!

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Kushan3074d ago

Unlike some people, I have not been so quick to dismiss Natal. However, that isn't to say I think its the "Next Big Thing". I just think the technology is extremely impressive, but I've still yet to see that "killer app" that could make or break it. I'm hoping MS pulls something great out of the bag in february, some game that I MUST SIMPLY HAVE, but if they don't I wont be terribly surprised. What excites me is the possibility that a lot could be done that we haven't even considered before.

KionicWarlord2223074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

I hope will here more "info" from the third parties .

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