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Gamervision: "Activision panicked. After eight years of what could be considered a monopoly over the extreme sports genre, a newcomer handily dethroned the king of skateboarding. In the first year of sales, Skate outsold Tony Hawk 2:1. Think about that for a moment. It would be as if a developer made a football game that sold doubly as good as Madden in the first year. Even Rock Band, which did better, critically speaking, than Guitar Hero, still trailed in terms of sales. The Tony Hawk games released post-Skate sold so poorly that the publisher was forced to take a year off, figuring out exactly what it needed to do to compete. So, yeah, Activision panicked, and for good reason.

When Tony Hawk: Ride was announced, it was called many things, but few would say that it wasn't ballsy. Generally speaking, Activision plays everything safe, and for the first time in years it was obvious that they were ready to bring something new to the table. With the exception of DJ Hero, the publisher usually lets others do their dirty work, only introducing new elements after they've been proven by another publisher. This isn't really a problem, just a precedent, and one that was shattered when Tony Hawk walked on stage with a $120 skateboard peripheral. Was it a good choice? No one knew, but after getting some hands-on (or, rather, feets-on) time with Tony Hawk: Ride, it's obvious which way things went."

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dominicm3194d ago

So the best thing about this game: The video of the dog riding the board.

Lou Ferrigno3194d ago

WWWHHHOOOAAA.. no surprise there.. i was a HUUUGE tony hawks pro skater fan,played 1,2,3,4 and underground (especially) religiously.

but damnit activision .. you go and ruin a "used to be good" franchise.

ah well,SKATE 3 here i come!