Xbox Live Is Becoming Highway Robery

DualShockers writes: A couple months ago, if you participated in the beta events for Microsoft's new game show on Xbox Live - 1 vs. 100 - you might have noticed ads from Sprint during pseudo-commercial breaks between rounds. It interested me a bit, but I was quickly over it. So, they're getting a little ad revenue from one ad spot, what's the harm in that? Fast forward to today. The New York Post has a piece on Microsoft's intention to partner with the Nielsen ratings to start tracking their Xbox Live "viewership" in a similar manner to which television programs determine their ratings.

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GWAVE3189d ago

And to think that people put up with this while ALSO paying a subscription fee for basic multiplayer functionality. If I have a Pandora account, I don't have to listen to ads. Heck, take any service out there that's free but also offers a "Premium" version and the first thing they do is cut out the ads.

KionicWarlord2223189d ago

Its just ads during a in game tv show...

I really dont see the problem .

Kinda makes it realistic .

darthv723189d ago

Heck, sometimes you just need to take a break. If the game didnt have these little ad breaks then what do you think they would do? Play continuously? that would suck if you really had to know.

I like scoping out the crowd when the breaks happen. Seeing how I am doing compared to the others. Season 2 is going to be even more fun. I have several questions I want to submit but dont know how.

There is a difference between intrusive and non intrusive ads. The ones on the dash are non intrusive and in most cases give you free stuff or entries into contests for free stuff. The ads in 1v100 could be considered intrusive because they take place during the show but it is one ad unlike the tv companies who run 5-6 ads between show segments. Honestly, I think sometimes there are more commercials than there is program to watch.

The average 30 minute tv show has about 7-8 minutes of commercials. Watching a little 10 second sprint ad in live isnt that bad when you really look at it. I want to see more game shows on live. I can see them making a version of deal or no deal and maybe even who wants to be a millionare. You play against other members of the crowd for points against the person in the hot seat.

Hutch23553189d ago

Most people pay for cable, or pay for satelite, so I guess I shouldn't have any commercials when I watch tv then. You know whay I;m with you, I pay for the newspaper, so there shouldn't be any advertisements on that either. You got me. Not

GWAVE3189d ago

@ hutch

You got me there, because online gaming is the same thing as newspapers and television.


BRG90003189d ago

This article is ridiculous. Its whole point is a slippery-slope logical fallacy. It argues that if Microsoft utilizes Nielsen ratings to better target its ads at its viewers, the 1 vs. 100 ad breaks will quintuple to be 3+ minutes long. There is no reason to think this transaction would cause such a thing.

It's like if I argued that if Sony were to buy EA, the price of video games would shoot way up. There is just no basis for that claim at all.

Also @GWAVE, Hutch's comparison is perfectly valid. Online gaming has similar distribution methods and business model to newspapers, magazines, and television, and besides, ads in video games you pay for have been around since PS1. Enthralling arguments like "Not." don't do anything to convince otherwise.

Blaze9293189d ago

Cry more. Just uncessary tears from someone who doesnt even game on the 360 yet alone is subscribed to Xbox in the end, why do you care?

The ads in 1 vs 100 are nothing new and just like Kionic said, it's ads during a videogame TV actually does up the enjoyment and realism factor of it. Play 1 vs 100 and see if you ever hear anyone on the mic complain about the ads - you won't everyone finds it cool and some don't even notice it.

@Hutch you nailed it. I have no problem with it. I subscribe to Verizon internet, phone and TV...but I still get ads in the mail, online, and on TV from them and others. Is there a problem there? Nope, only if Microsoft is involved.


You all (non 360/LIVE gamers) just keep doing the whining for Xbox LIVE users while they just continue to enjoy their gaming experience.

DelbertGrady3189d ago

When was the last time you had anything positive to say about MS or the 360?

Isn't 1 vs 100 free to play? And it gives you the chance to win prices even?

IdleLeeSiuLung3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

after all, it might cost them quite a bit of money to put up the infrastracture. We have all heard how Sony funds their PSN by charging for DLC to the developers. I think it is a good thing that MS tries other avenues for funding, otherwise MS might see fit to raise their fees as maintenance cost continues to rise.

Right now, Gold subscribers subsidize for Silver members.

The biggest issue I see with people complaining is their complete lack of understanding how economics works. We all saw what happened to Sony when they over priced their product and didn't have any way of recouping it. They are just recovering now!

It seems MS can't win, charge a fee. "Oh, my God, they are ripping us off!". Charge advertising "Oh, my God the greed!". Perhaps we should just make everything free in this world?

A company finding other ways to profit is a good thing for consumers as well!

sirbigam3189d ago

SKREW ads I don't watch TV shows because of ads,so irritating, rather I watch stuff online, or buy the season when it's over instead.

Why o why3189d ago

adds shouldnt really be a problem does make you think about other stuff though

morganfell3189d ago

You miss the mark Gwave. Live is more than the average home pays for cable, which you have to have - or DSL - in order to run Live in the first place. Add to that the cost of the game. Cable or DSL, Live, and the game.

Three payments for Xbox 360, one for cable TV.

By your reasoning you pay for cable, pay for the network, the you pay for TV show itself. Ridiculous.

BRG90003189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

The game is free. Try to keep the mindless Xbox bashing to topics you know something about, or at least glance at the article you're commenting on?

corneliuscrust3189d ago

glad someone finally pointed this out

This is in a FREE online GAMESHOW where you can win actual prizes in the form of free software downloads. They want to show ads on their free game...

darthv723189d ago

I am a gold member so I really can't try it but anybody who is a silver should see if they can play the game. I am betting they can't so technically it is free to play (meaning it isnt an additional cost for the game itself) but not free to play online.

Anyway, psn people think everything is better in free world when it has that appearance. I find it not so great on psn because there isnt enough content available to try before you buy. This comes down to the way sony handles the 3rd parties in regards to having stuff available on psn.

Charge the companies to host content and they may not be inclined to make demos/trialware for everything they offer. Charge the subscribers a membership fee and have access to almost everything on live in a try before you buy environment. I can say I have purchased way more live games because I liked the trial version enough to buy the full game.

I only have a few psn games because they are ones I really wanted regardless (wipeout hd, super stardust, r&c booty). I can say I would like to get more but alas...they dont offer trials.

Just because something is offered free to you doesnt mean they arent getting their $$ elsewhere. Sony is doing their best to hide the cost of things from the users but it will come back to bite them eventually. MS isnt hiding anything. You pay, you play, you get a more connected and seamless network of content.

BRG90003189d ago

True. It is Gold only, so you cannot access it without paying for a gold membership.

But I was calling morgan out for saying you have to pay for "Live, and the game". Which is false. Once you pay for live, the game is free.

morganfell3189d ago

The title is "Xbox Live is becoming Highway Robbery". Bear in mind most games played on Live are not free. You can thank me later for pointing that out.

Saaking3189d ago

Have they implemented real prizes into the game yet? I haven't played it in months.

BRG90003189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Yeah, they were giving out real prizes for the final month or so of the beta. Generally consisted of a free $10 game to the top 3 crowd, a $10 game to each member of the mob if they won, and up to 10,000 MS points for the one depending on performance.

It's been on a break for a few months though while they tinker with it post-beta, so who knows if it will be the same.

DMason3189d ago

Someone call the "Waaaaahmbulance." Games have in game advertising and you pay $60 for those. Cable TV has commercials and you pay for that. No one is forcing you to watch the commercials.

No one wants to play straight through without taking a break to go to the bathroom or get a snack. It gives the gameshow an authentic feel. I mean, they are giving away legitimate prizes.

Highway Robbery is an exaggerated statement and this is blown way out of proportion.

morganfell3189d ago

I just love watching people blindly try (and fail) to defend the idea that they have to pay for online and pay pay pay.

tojfrd7931z3189d ago

Sorry but you DO have ads on Pandora. Only the Premium account on Pandora is ad free.

Shepherd 2143189d ago

How is the newspaper and tv any different from online gaming? All of them you pay for their continued service, and both cable tv and online gaming are forms of entertainment. The newspaper provides basic, recent info about the world that is critical to know, but you still have to pay to receive a paper.

And ALL of them provide ads, but XBL gets singled out because you hate MS. Nice.

AKNAA3189d ago

Xbox Live Is NOT Becoming Highway Robery in any way if people are still willing to pay for it. Obviously 360 owners enjoy the service so much to the point that they consider the live subscription worthwhile! so this article is pointless...
But what do I know, I only use the PSN.

rockleex3189d ago

That is exactly what GWAVE said... thanks for reiterating his point. -_-"

Cenobia3189d ago

Internet Service + Game + Online Gaming Service


The Cost of TV Service (+ a recorder box to skip commercials)


The Cost of a Newspaper

XBL is a ripoff. I'm not sure why people are still debating that. I think that calling it out on 1 vs 100 is a little stupid, but you shouldn't be paying the $50 a year period.

vhero3189d ago

I agree with this I have always said if you pay £50 why should you see ads? I thought the whole point of subscription was so MS can get the money so they didn't need the ads. With the ads aswell they really are not helping themselves they are just greedy. However without them they couldn't afford to keep the 360 at such a low price early in its lifespan to keep ahead of Sony.

StanLee3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Some how the majority of fanboys missed the REAL significance of this article. Neilson's will be tracking XBox Live usage. XBL is no longer just a gaming phenomenon, it's a social phenomenon. Saw my sister watching an interview with Robert Pattinson on MSNBC yesterday on the XBox 360. I didn't even know they added this until she showed me Major's minute with the annoncement. XBL is bigger than gaming and looking to appeal to more that just gamers.

TotalPS3Fanboy3188d ago

360 Gamers' Defense: If cable companies can screw us over too,
then Microsoft should be able to screw us over too.

I love that logic. Hahaha.

DevastationEve3188d ago

The title is stupid. Is PSN free? No. You had to buy an overpriced console first.

Boody-Bandit3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

XBL is a premium service and incase you haven't noticed there isn't commercials on "premium channels" like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, etc.

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jack who3189d ago

soooooo sellling a 10 sec flash of sprints (ad) too pay for a game which is FREE is Highway Robery?......than dont play it?

Chadness3189d ago

The game is not "free", it's an Xbox Live gold member only perk, which means you're paying $50/year for it.

jack who3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

thanks crack head am pretty sure i'ev been paying for xbl before this game came out...move on

Edit: wrong again more like since i got this

rawd3189d ago

You've been paying for it since the day you first bought that toaster

xcox3189d ago

the penguins keep defending their rapist while the rapist rapes them deeper and harder, this is a lot of fun to watch.

M$ knew their audience, you gotta admit: they planned on mugging the poor unsuspecting baboons at every corner of the "experience" while having them pay for the privilege,


thanks the gaming gods for PSN

TheXgamerLive3189d ago

49 dollars for 13 months is insane cheap, it's like a big mac a month in cost and you wanna whine about that. It's hella great and what is it you girls have n right? I forget since it's pathetic in what it doesn't do. I mean would you rather drive a free 1970 pinto or a 2010 farrari? well guess what you, get the pinto.
Quit whining and just jump in already

CernaML3189d ago

Big Macs are garbage.

" I mean would you rather drive a free 1970 pinto or a 2010 farrari?"

Horrible analogy.

poopface13189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )


haahHa I have live and PSN and Ill continue to pay 4$ a month for live considering how much new games fail to work on psn or how often it goes down for maintenance.

AliTheBrit193188d ago

jack who has pretty much said it all

Move along, nothing else to see here :)

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JoelT3189d ago

And to think about all the heat I caught about a month ago when I wrote how they could justify 100 premium service, MS turns around and pulls this. Ads are for people who don't pay up. Simple as that. If I'm paying 60 bucks a year and I'm still subjected to ads, then what is the point? PSN, with all of it's flaws is looking better and better everyday.

JoelT3189d ago

The comment above has been brought to you by Sprint and the Now Network. Lol

corneliuscrust3189d ago

subject you to ads on a free game.

If they were CHARGING for 1vs100, i could see the uproar.. but this is free. It's like them putting ads on facebook or hulu and people getting pissssed

whothedog3189d ago

its not free, you pay to play it, $50 a year. I'm not trying to be a di*k but its true.

DevastationEve3188d ago

No, ads are JUST ads. Pick out any magazine subscription and tell me if they offer an ad-free version for being a yearly subscriber.

TV has ads.
Surf the web and you'll find plenty of ads.
Car Dealerships have walking talking ads called salesmen.

Each company decides on how much is enough to pay the bills.

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JoelT3189d ago

This isn't just about 1 vs 100, that game was used as a pilot program of sorts to test out the market. Get ready to see ads everywhere.

jack who3189d ago

there's already ad's everywhere the point is ppl dont even know its a ad...i still want too know how having sum one else pay for your game and all you have too do is see their name for a sec highway robbery...and wtf are they robbing from you?

Chadness3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Kind of makes me consider not renewing my gold subscription, especially considering the PS3 has Netflix functionality now.

corneliuscrust3189d ago

ANY netflix support.

Canadians haven't gotten jackity dicck alll from these "highly anticipated services" and on top of that there is no HULU style service either