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TPG writes: "At the risk of showing my age, I loved playing with blocks as a kid. It was great fun to pile them up and see how big a tower I could pull off. It was equally fun to smash my creation, and send the blocks flying. Implode!, the new gamefor iPhone and iPod Touch made me a bit nostalgic for my blocks. Developer IUGO has really tapped into my inner – destructive – child, and given it something fun to play with. Yeah, this game's a bit like running with scissors: Potentially hazardous, but tons of fun."

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starven3195d ago

The flash version of this is a good 5 minutes of fun!

roblef3195d ago

SO, WHY would I want it for my iPhone?

starven3195d ago

I dunno...the flash version is free, and plays in my web browser, that's open, at work. Hmmmm.

wondroushippo3195d ago

Because the iPhone can't do Flash yet! OOOOH snap.

roblef3195d ago

Goes to show how two different games with the same mechanics can be so different!

bgrundman3195d ago

ouch, that is pretty harsh.

roblef3195d ago

Not sure if I'd play this more than a few minutes.

wondroushippo3195d ago

But I like physics-based games. I might check this one out.

ehardin3179d ago

This game is actually quite entertaining. There are enough levels to make it worth the price and the fact that you get to blow stuff up is a plus!

A few were challenging so I used for tips on how to get an A+ on expert.