No More Heroes: Wii VS PS3/X360

In its debut article yesterday, Famitsu listed No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise as a "remake." Does that mean fully updated visuals for the HD generation?

You can judge for yourself. Microsoft posted first screens of the 360 version today at Some gamers managed to assemble a few similar screenshots from the Wii version.

See if you can spot the differences in these comparison pics...

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SpoonyRedMage3165d ago

not too much difference, bit of extra detail on the PS3/360 version but I think they'd be best waiting for PS Sphere, no?

AKNAA3165d ago

How do we know its not the wii version vs. the wii version cause the 360 version does not look HD one bit, or even upscaled for that matter?!

Mahr3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

"How do we know its not the wii version vs. the wii version"

Because the 360 versions all come directly from Microsoft.

ico923165d ago

well they don't look that much better

N4g_null3165d ago

The ps3 version is going to be gimped like the japan version. Weird yet the xbox version will be the closest to the wii. I'm glad this is happening so devs can see if there really is any difference in the hd hardcore and the wii hardcore. What is funny is many hd gamers claimed to buy a wii and then sell it after beating Zelda or what ever yet they fail to tell every one the the wii was selling for double the price which could fund their hd fanboy.

This comes out in feb... I'm going keep an eye on this one. This game will prove so much.

RedPawn3164d ago

You guys try WAY TOO HARD, pissed for no reason guess that's expected LMFAO.

The HD version has herpes.
The HD version has monkey pox.
The HD version has crabs.
The HD version has H1N1.


All that whining and the sales were still garbage and that obviously is not stopping the HD versions from happening.

For ALL you true GAMERS not beating yourself in a closet full of candles worshipping 1 console w/Justin Timberlake's
"Cry me a River." I give you a phat World 3 - 1 +1

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3165d ago

the PS3 version look work than the Wii version.

N4g_null3165d ago

The ps3 version already sucks they claim it has no blood!

ZoidsRaven3165d ago

I bet you only read the title of this article.
And all you know about this subject is that there is a PS3 version, so it MUST be above anything eles. Right?

But what can I really expect from someone who has a user name "n4gn4gn4gn4g", BUT a Sony bias? 7_7

Whut3165d ago

LOOKS THE SAME! they just added a few details like more shadow.

travis looks more badass.

Voozi3165d ago

I'm more interested in this game's battle system is going to play out without the wii mote, the whole slashing motions and what not.

I imagine (hopefully) they'll take advantage of the sixaxis somehow, shake it to recharge your batteries like you had to do with the wii mote.

Cajun Chicken3165d ago

I'm wondering why this wasn't ported to PSP too. NMH on the go would be great!

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The story is too old to be commented.