Top 25 Video Game Heroes of All Time

There are any number of things that make a video game memorable: excellent gameplay, breathtakingly gorgeous graphics, an engaging story, unexpected full-frontal male nudity, etc. But one thing that is guaranteed to make games stick in players' heads like a pickaxe after a mine explosion are quality characters. A visually distinct hero with a great personality (and nowadays well-delivered dialogue) can change a game from just being a fun diversion to something that is an absolute blast to play. And don't doubt for a second that well-designed characters are responsible for changing some of the best games into some of the best franchises. It's high time that some of these folks got the credit they deserve.

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Bonsai12143794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

but if Master Chief is #1, i will stop coming to this site...

i'll edit and post my thoughts after reading this.

EDIT: ahh, i'm actually glad they didn't just put all the mainstream characters in there.. while the top three were essentially give, i was happy that the "Longest Journey" characters were in the top 5, along with Jade from BG&E. I'm a little shocked that they didn't put Cloud in, but the inclusion of Vivi and Kain made it all better. (i'm surprised they remembered Kain)

but the inclusion of Master Chief and the exclusion of Gordon Freedman just angers me..

Kleptic3794d ago

completely agree with you...I was suprised that Dante from DMC was missing too, as well as cloud...but they hit a more classic FF hero, so it would be tough anyway...and yeah...Gordy should have been in there, as well as BJ blaskowitz if they are going to have any FPS people invovled...he kind of started it all...

Dr Pepper3794d ago

Why is there no Garrett from Thief? Why is he not up there? He is definitely a hero...and he has a green mechanical eye, which is badass.

The master-thief is not up there. This list is flawed.

THAMMER13794d ago

I list from game lemon? Good thing they are nobody because this list is all wrong(IMO).

Dr Pepper3793d ago

It stands for: In My Opinion

gta_cb3793d ago

oh right, cheers mate lol, must seem like a weird question as i have been here for a while, but i never bothered to ask till now =D

Charlie26883794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Link ranks 1 you know the list is a joke...

there were so many characters that I dont know what the hell were they doing there...and so many missing

Dr Pepper3794d ago

At least it wasn't Master Chief

FadeToBlack3794d ago

At least Master Chief isn't a fairy.

tony3794d ago

sam fisher? riddik? Gordon Freedman? hello?

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The story is too old to be commented.