Evil Avatar: Modern Warfare 2 Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Coming off of a huge release, the Call of Duty series has cemented itself in the video game world as a triple A title that promises to deliver from the time you put the disc in. With additions such as kill streak rewards, special-ops and bigger guns, Modern Warfare 2 takes the winning formula from the last Infinity Ward developed title and adds more blood and options to this exceptionally violent series. Would we still buy the game if we couldn't gut an opponent with a knife and watch the blood splatter across the floor? Probably, but it wouldn't be as satisfying."

The Good

* Excellent graphics that help to paint the picture of war.
* Emotionally gripping, albeit a bit short story.
* Multiplayer continues to deliver with Kill/Death Streak Rewards and Create a Class, in addition to many new and well designed maps.

The Bad

* Very short single player experience that can cause a "disconnection" between the player and the character.
* Steep multiplayer learning curve for newcomers to the series.

The Ugly

* The "blood splatter" effect when you are hurt, get hit once and you can't see a thing.
* Brains on a cars dashboard.

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Pennywise3194d ago

I've seen the same short comings on games that garnish way below a score of 9. Why are people so scared to give this game less than a 9?

baraka0073194d ago

because it's selling millions and no one wants all of those people to not go to their sites.