Rumor Killers: Co-op and Multiplayer Special & Modern Warfare 2 Spin-off

Jennifer Allen of TheGameReviews gives her verdict on the God of War 3, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, inFamous 2 and Dead Space 2 co-op and multiplayer rumors in a Rumor Killers special, with a bonus on the Ghost spin-off for Modern Warfare.

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Ixon2949d ago

I still find it very difficult to imagine shifting Dragon Age to a co-op or multiplayer experience. Remember how frustrating the Fable II version of such a thing was?

kevco332949d ago

I really hope they don't do a MW2 spin-off. Unless it's DLC.

shoinan2949d ago

Can't believe they'd base a full game around Ghost.

Haly2949d ago

Meh I'm an anti social gamer, I want my strong single player stories to play by myself without having to organise co-op sessions all the time!

cervantes992949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Why does everything have to be multiplayer anyway?

I would rather have a nice 12-15 hour single player, story driven game like Uncharted, Dead Space or Mass Effect.

Besides, with every game adding multiplayer, the game usually has a lot of people for a few weeks and then gamers are on to something else. If fewer games had multiplayer, then the multiplayer experience would be more long lasting for the games that include it.

Not sure if I made much sense, but for me, I generally find multiplayer annoying because certain gamers just live on the game and are so good that the experience is ruined rather quickly because I just cannot compete.

I would prefer to see a game split into two parts and sold separately. $30 for single player and $30 for multiplayer. Each piece would have its own achievements/trophies.

dragonelite2949d ago

Hope the ghost stuff is singleplayer dlc maybe in the 3rd person view.
So you can play more stealthy like the name would suggest move through a level like a ghost.

And on the mw 2 wiki a ghost is someone in the militairy that cant be traced back or something

midi2948d ago

I wish it weren't so but any new MW2 DLC is an autobuy for me. Hope they don't do a full spin-off though.

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