Bad Company 2 EU Beta servers are Live, Beta is now playable.

OfficialBFBC2 writes:
'WE ARE A GO IN EUROPE! Make sure to start the game fresh to get the Beta update! No the US is not live yet, waiting on Sony there!'

An update was released when the Servers were turned on, so Restart game and download the Patch to play the Beta. The server has been several hours now.

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WildArmed2861d ago

heads up, US Beta is up for grabs too now.

WildArmed2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Downloaded, took about 9mins to download... and playing it now.
Will love to tag with ya'all online! See ya

Servers arent up.

kingdavid2861d ago

You guys got any spare codes?

neo_ad2861d ago

Gave it a try last night not for long mind you, but I am enjoying it so far :)