MMOs Account for 15% of All Time Spent Playing Games in U.S. and Europe, finds Report

IndustryGamers writes: "The massively multiplayer online (MMO) genre has really grown in recent years, no doubt fueled in part by the success and mainstream attention World of Warcraft has generated. A new survey from, Today's Gamers MMO Focus Report, indicates that MMOs are actually responsible for about 15% of all the time spent playing games in both the U.S. and Europe.

In the U.S. specifically, 14% of all time spent on video games is dedicated to MMOs, with an average of 5.5 hours a week per player compared to 4.9 hours for console players and 4.8 for casual game portal players. In Europe, it varies from country to country - MMOs account for just 8% in the U.K. but 16% in Belgium, 13% in Germany, and 15% in France and in the Netherlands. In the European countries surveyed around 10% of the online population plays MMOs, and in the U.S. this figure jumps all the way to 21%."

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