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Yamauchi on GT5 DLC

CC: DLC is a big part of the games industry these days, with the most popular games bringing out new content via the consoles online network. It is expected that one of 2010's biggest games, Gran Turismo 5 will get some form of add-on content. (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

PirateThom  +   1978d ago
It's refreshing that such a big game isn't being bogged down with DLC before launch

"The launch of the game isn't a start, we are releasing the full game""
TheHater  +   1978d ago
A lot of developers, looking at you BioWare, should learn a thing or two or three from them.
RROD Service_Rep  +   1978d ago
at least they dont make you pay $60 over a year for dlc which makes it end up having less cars than gt5 at launch. *cough*forza*cough*
sirbigam  +   1978d ago
"The launch of the game isn't a start, we are releasing the full game" is the best effin reply from a developer I ever heard, (a tear almost came down my right eye).
UltimateIdiot911  +   1978d ago
This is what sets a developer(IW, Turn 10) from a great developer (PD, ND). You respect your fan and customers and they will respect you and buy your games.
Arnon  +   1978d ago
What on Earth did BioWare do wrong? I guarantee you that it was EAs doing for releasing DLC along with Dragon Age: Origins.
ReservoirDog316  +   1978d ago
"The launch of the game isn't a start, we are releasing the full game"
Man's a freaking poet.
pippoppow  +   1978d ago
Nice jab at other Devs
Great line.
CrazzyMan  +   1978d ago
This guy gets HUGE respect
That`s why i like Sony, that`s why i like PS consoles, because of devs like him AND because Sony allows it`s developers to develope a game as long as it needed (Gran Turismo 5, The Last Guardian).
Sony FTW! And Yamauchi is the BEST!
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pippoppow  +   1978d ago
agree CM
Sony exclusives have a level of polish and production values that are matched by only by a few. Brand new engines, free online service with usually dedicated servers, story elements with a high level of importance and new gameplay experiences like Demons Souls and the upcoming Heavy Rain.
Narutone66  +   1978d ago
The weather system
in GT5 is already done, it's a question of will it affect the driving experience in the game.
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Bumpmapping  +   1978d ago
Bu bu but Bluray ain't needed!

See that Xtards that's what you call a complete package.60$ and its worth more than Flopza 3 and NFS combined.

Jump out and Play Beyond bots.
arsenal55  +   1978d ago
"Everything we want to put in the game is on the disc"


not discs

can this be true??!?! all on one disc?!?!?!? wonder how they managed that. witchcraft?
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   1978d ago
One disc? No they did not use witchcraft.They used things called programming skills and developer dedication.

Unfortunately the dipshits at Turn 10 do not understand those two qualities :'(

YLOD Service Tech  +   1978d ago
Don't forget one disc plus a 2 hour installation.
Lou Ferrigno  +   1978d ago
^^ dont forget 2 discs and DLC that should of made it into the half assed game Flopza 2.5 but couldnt do to DVD9 limitations haha.

tell me something Beta bots,what happens if disc 2 scratches and your Pathedic last gen Disc tray wont open or laser wont read it? or what happens if you lost it?

Guess what,your FVCKED!

HAHAHAAAA in yo face!
Dutch Boogie  +   1978d ago
Meh all i need is that track editor. Can u imaging the possibility's. Also they could release a new racing car as it becomes available in the real world.

That reminds me, i gotta change to the 4th disk on Forza3 to use the 1994 Honda civic lol /jk.

Point of the story is prepare to get raped by M$ with Forza3 DLC coming soon after release lol.
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PhilipLarkin  +   1978d ago
Another hit from CC. Lucky buggers.
mjolliffe  +   1978d ago
I really, really, really can't wait for this now!
Lou Ferrigno  +   1978d ago
aaaaannnnnnnnddddd take it away KC

Related video
IRetrouk  +   1978d ago
im not a fan of man love , but how can you not love this fella, dedication comitment and talent, plus the love of cars all rolled into one very talented man, I LOVE YOU.
sirbigam  +   1978d ago
Evrythings will be ok, just watch some straight porn, you'll come back to us buddy.
IRetrouk  +   1978d ago
@ sirbigam
Lmao bubbles to you, thats good advice lol, tried it but i still love him, its just the way that he openly shows how dedicated he is to his product and fan base, i really dont care that it has taken almost 5 years to make, Gran Turismo 5 will be the biggest racing game to come out ever!!!! it has all the cars and tracks you could dream of and there is bound to be loads of stuff that we havent even thought of in there, this is the game i am looking forward to the most, he makes me feel like a little girl at crimbo lol.
proudly_X  +   1978d ago
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Immortal321  +   1978d ago
Sony studios
Are the reason why I still game, unlike MW2 team where they spend twice as much for half a game.
SKUD  +   1978d ago
He's got the right idea.
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Bathyj  +   1978d ago
Scruffy calls it like it is.
Newmanator  +   1978d ago
Being 18 and having owned 2 non-supercars, I am looking forward to driving a car in a video game I have driven in real life.
drummerx2709  +   1978d ago
It all depends on what the people ask for imo. If people beg Polyphony for DLC, I'm sure they will reconsider and do it. If they decide to never release DLC for GT5, there could always be firmware updates for the game that add things.
drummerx2709  +   1978d ago
Ahhh you gotta love the open zone. Funny stuff lol
ticklechamp  +   1978d ago
i would like to check out some of the older,big cars. like
like a 76' ford thunderbird, 75' oldsmobile delta 88 or any of the old cadillacs or lincolns. how about a dodge dart? plymouth duster anyone? probably wouldn't win too many races, but damn those cars would look cool. maybe kaz could make a destruction derby game with thousands of cars that he doesn't like. now that would be something! lol.
level 360  +   1978d ago
That's a man with a great sense of conviction.

Here's a short ( if uncomplete ) vid of Kaz-san racing at the Nurburgring for team Lexus ( http://www.motorauthority.c... )

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