First trailer for the SCEJ game 100

Premier trailer for the SCEJ PSP game 100.

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sinncross2863d ago

First Loco Roco, then Patapon, and now 100?

SCEJ really do make some unique looking titles for the PSP and 100 looks like fun!!!

I do hope they get to working on some PS3 titles though.. they're a bit lacking in that department.

DeforMAKulizer2863d ago

I completely agree! I really want the minds behind patapon, this, and loco roco to churn something quite magical on PSN or PS3!!

raztad2863d ago

SCEJ has been producing incredible titles, both on the PSP and the PS3. Demons Souls was codeveloped by SCEJ. I mean FROM is the main developer but they got a huge input/feedback from SCEJ.

sarshelyam2862d ago

Looks to borrow much of the concept from Dig Dug 2...which I rather enjoyed.

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DeforMAKulizer2863d ago

Count me in!!!!
Looks fantastic!

Sophos2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Looks pretty cool.

I don't know why, but it feels kinda steampunk to me and based on the footage, it looks like you're a hero sent onto airships/flying weapons or something and you have to break them apart (via a welding team?!?) ?

Should be interesting hearing more about the gameplay.

EDIT: the actual name of the game seems to be

Hyakuman Ton no Barabara

a loose translation is like "1 million tons coming apart"

or something like that..

EDIT2: for those wondering, the "hyaku" (100) is from the first term in the title followed by "man" (10000) and because of the way japanese numbers are represented "hyakuman" = 1 million

devilhunterx2863d ago

It looks like those Russian cartoons.