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FiringSquad previews Warhawk beta

Last month, Microsoft made a big deal of its launch of its multiplayer beta test of the upcoming Xbox 360 shooter Halo 3. Press events were held in New York and San Fransisco and a Hollywood "launch" party full of semi-celebs got a little attention as well. The week after the Halo 3 beta launch, Sony quietly launched its own beta test of Warhawk, allowing a few folks to download via the PS3's Playstation Store an early version of developer Incog's multiplayer shooter game. There was no press events for this beta test and no Hollywood photo op but FiringSquad has been playing the Warhawk beta ever since it launched last week and with a couple of reservations they find it to be both more complete and far more fun to play than the current Halo 3 beta test, which bodes well for the final version of the game to be released later this year. (PS3, Warhawk)

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BubblesDAVERAGE  +   3103d ago
Approve this
If i was okay to compare gears of war to resistance then this comparisson is just as good......SIDE NOTe ( If u want bubbles on this site just be a MS fanboi because thats all u need to do to ge ya bubbles up) MY freedom of speech is limited IM TELLING...

Edit...+ that simply not tru for the most part I am neutral I like both systems but not equally and just plain hate the wii...and here if Xbox aint your favorite you wont have bubbles...Even look at the more popular members like Snoop, and MArt Sop is neutral as it gets but seems to like playstaion more and mart is a super fan boy who thinks Xbox is god but doesnt see wat they are doing to the gaming community far as games for windows and charging for mod content things in which we all know should be free but Ms does trojan horses in there games..whihc I belive sony did with motostorm..whihc stoles ms theory and ran wiht it far as tracks go
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CyberSentinel  +   3103d ago
*Side Note
If that were true, I'd have more bubbles. Obviously you have to appear to be neutral in order to have the right to speak on this website. While I agree offensive language shouldn't be tolerated, My opinions are My own. You don't have to agree with them. I just call it like I see it.

BTW: You can tell this was submitted by a lemming...
"More fan to play than Halo 3".

More fan?
TnS  +   3103d ago
CyberSentinel: fan was a typo. :) Anyway I changed the title to neutral.
power of Green  +   3103d ago
Quote: which bodes well for the final version of the game to be released later this year. - Don't play much Multi player on Halo but will sure love...
Hmmm... WarHawk. Moving along now.
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T-Virus  +   3103d ago
Why can't people accept that different people prefer different games, without insulting other games.
eques judicii  +   3103d ago
there is no reason to compare these betas... warhawk probably put a lot more into the beta, while bungie left a lot of things out of the beta. Warhawk needs to make a name for itself while halo doesn't... thus there are feature differences...

both will be great, halo will sell more because it has a bigger name...
CAPS LOCK  +   3103d ago
i am one of the few people who was luck enough to play both. I love halo but sometimes its repetitive and even though it doesn't seem well, i would still purchase the 360 for that game (currently playing in my neighbors house)i have the warhawk beta and its awesome. if i was more bothered i would go to my neighbors home. i kinda do prefer warhawk but for some reason i want both.

in MY opinion:

halo 3 beta = 8.4
warhawk beta = 9.2
power of Green  +   3103d ago
Agreed!, thats excactly what i was going to post then i deleted it and hinted at that in what i actually posted.
chitown  +   3103d ago
honestly this game looked so stupid when i first saw it but now its shaping up to be AAA material from all the previews i have seen. looks like a hell a lot of fun. ill be picking this baby up
egyptian_diarrhea  +   3103d ago
Neutral comment
Xbox 360 ruLEZXX but PLaysTation 3 also RULEz and wii, omfg that's some serious Rulling!
I haven't played the game yet but from the videos i've seen, it looks slick, i like the backpacks being left behind as you die,it remind me of quake,then it remind me of some hentai porn xxx animal xxx porn, and i like it very nice.Seems fun to play, and the graphics seem good too.
tony  +   3103d ago
same ol same ol.

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Apocalypse Shadow  +   3103d ago
the plus side is that
it is looking like a good online game for ps3.

resistance-good online.

motorstorm-good online.

warhawk-good online.

killzone-good online??? hope so.

keep them coming sony.
EZCheez  +   3102d ago
I'm telling you guys
The only thing I can see that would ruin this game is either the pricing or the bluetooth headset included. This game is spectacular! I AM LOVING THIS GAME! I have played Halo online (it was my favorite)and I also think these two games cannot be compared. Halo focuses far more on ground based combat while Warhawk uses aerial as well. As far as the aerial goes, it could not get any better. There's just something about not being able to get past a team's defenses and deciding to get into the closest Warhawk to fly over them.

To put it simply, Warhawk has just added another dimension to online console games, and has done it very well.

EDIT- But as far as pricing goes, I would still pay $50 for this game! I bought F.E.A.R. two days before I got accepted into the beta and I haven't touched it since. I wouldn't even have bought it if I had known.
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shysun  +   3102d ago
Great news!;)
Bhai  +   3102d ago
WarHawk totally owns Halo-3 !
I know a lot of people who have pre-ordered Halo-3 are going to get
disappointed by it, as a lot have on Forza-2 including one of my own

And WarHawk with its unchained arsenal, freedom and next-gen stuff
like huge levels, destruction physics, sixaxis, volumetric clouds,
huge 32 player online matches, procedural water stuff...makes Halo-3
look retro. Ground combat to unhintched air-battles, with lots and lots
of vehicle and plane types totally shocks the hell out of players.
Halo-3 is only hype, and is trying to sell on the basis of its prequel
hype, much like Forza-2.
Dareaver1  +   3102d ago
Forza 2 was not a dissappointment
If you love sim racers than forza was no where near a disappointment. THe only area it lacks is in the graphics department (which are not at all bad by the way) but it more than makes it up in the customization and gameplay. The fact you can swap powertrains, engine blocks, whole engines, drive trains, select name brand tires (their width, height, and compound), have 4001 layers to make graphics, and have the most realistic gameplay running at 60fps taking physics calculations at 360fps, and having damage modeling that affects your driving. Come on, you can not get that anywhere else. And if you think gt5 is going to be on par, well we will have to wait until 2008 for that now won't we. I used to be a big fan of GT until i played forza 1, which forced me to be an even better driver. Forza appeals to car nuts and customizers. If you like need for speed, burnout, TU, then you probably won't be a big fan. So Forza 2 was not a disappointment.
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Xbot_Killer  +   3102d ago
I played the halo beta all of 3 times and thought it was crap
I haven't stopped playing Warhawk ever since it came out. I was starting to think games were boring me when in reality it's xbox games that are crap. PS3 is making me a gamer again. thanks sony.
Blackmoses  +   3102d ago
oh boy....
no flamming there.

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