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Firmware PS3 1.8 & PSP 3.5 Video Review

An interview showing the various new features of both the new firmware updates for the PSP and PS3 as well as a comprehensive look at the amazing new Remote Play ability. On the Spot Reviews via GameTrailers (PS3, PSP) -

CyberSentinel  +   2597d ago
...And who says there is no software available on Sony's consoles?

NOT SonyProtectionGroup!

really, does anyone care?
Siesser  +   2596d ago
About the firmware updates? Yes. Wireless streaming/access was one of the major reasons I sprung for the 60gig PS3, and now I can finally use it like I wanted. And I've never had a handheld since the original Gameboy, because I'm not a fan of gaming on them, but this media stuff alone might be reason enough to pick up a PSP, especially if the price drops a little more. Being able to remotely download things is a feature I'd never have even thought of. For the most part, both my PC and PS3 are on all the time anyways, so as long as this allows me to interrupt the folding process via the PSP, I can't see any reason this won't work.

They didn't stream from a DVD though; wonder if that works...

But yeah, I didn't buy my system solely as a gaming machine; it was also a media center purchase, which I'm more than happy to see them expanding upon. On top of that, I have 5 PS3 games, and have already paid off another six through reserves for this year, not to mention wanting Warhawk and LBP. That means that as of the end of this year, I'll have 1/3 the number of games I've bought for PS2 (which I got at launch). I don't need a new game every single month, but it seems like they're averaging out as such.
DrWan  +   2597d ago
Oh wow
Just impressive, to see the PS3 XMB on the PSP, the picture quality of the trailers were pretty good too. very nice. guys. Firmware updates is the bomb
eLiNeS  +   2596d ago
They where very prepared for that video, NOT!!!

What a joke, Eric Lempel is the Director, PlayStation Network Operations and couldn't even get the new features from the firmware to work on the network they where on, LOL...

Way to go, they didn't have anything setup, like they showed up late and had to wing it. Not impressed.
Bonsai1214  +   2596d ago
the execution of it wasn't well done, but the feature they were showing off eclipses any firmware update on any system thus far (my opinion)

an example you might understand: you could be ugly. (superficial) but you can go on to solve cancer. (not superficial) which will people care about and remember more?
socomnick  +   2596d ago
lol dude from sony was struggling trying to get it to work.
jwatt  +   2596d ago
I always
Wanted to know how the psp and ps3 would connect, that was lovely?
SmokeyMcBear  +   2596d ago
simply awesome, makes work and boring lectures that much better. This is an fantastic feature. Make the psp actually be able to play some games that are on the ps3's hard drive.. that would just simply be incredible
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