PotC: At World's End ships in Japan as a Nintendo exclusive

For a blockbuster hit like the Pirates of the Caribbean, you would think that publishers would jump on the opportunity on the franchise's fame and rake in shiploads of moolah by porting it to all conceivable platforms possible.

But not Disney Interactive Studios. While Jack Sparrow and the rest of his crew will be basking under the sun across multiplatforms on U.S. shores, Japan will only find them exclusively on Nintendo platforms. That's right, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End will only be shipped for the Japanese Wii and DS. are just as clueless as to why Disney Interactive opted to embrace this strategy for Japan, but it seems that they are confident PotC: At World's End will do just fine, even without the help of the other platform versions. They will see just how much gold they'll be raking in with this double-edged move.

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Razzy4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

It's selling poorly on the PS3/360 here in NA?

PoTC is a crappy game, 5/10 on Gamespot for the Wii version. No self respecting PS3/360 gamer would buy this turd.

marison4187d ago

Compared to Wii/DS.

Translation/localization of this game will not be a totally piece of cake, so is better only localize for one console that will sell the game well.

DarkestHour004186d ago

Nintendo knows this game will sell like hotcakes to kids. End of story.