IGN AU: Assassin's Creed II PS3 Review

In terms of engine quality, however, the difference between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions is literally night and day. Starting with the shocking difference in contrast and colour depth, the Xbox 360 version's high-dynamic range lighting is more intense and casts deeper shadows and renders a darker night. In IGN's direct comparisons between the two games, the PS3 version looks noticeably flatter and more washed out, detracting from the ambience. The PS3 version also suffers from a lower texture resolution, which affects everything from facial details (you can see freckles and pores on the 360, but faces, lips and hair looks almost universally blurry on PS3), to wall and ground textures, leaves and particle and debris effects.

It really does surprise IGN how large the gap between the two versions is. It does begin to affect the gameplay too when the PS3's juttering and screen tearing starts to rattle the frame during action sequences involving multiple characters. Hopefully Ubisoft can address some of these concerns with a patch as soon as possible, but at this stage, the PS3's version once again lacks polish.

Presentation - 8.5
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 9.0
Gameplay - 9.0
Lasting Appeal - 9.0
Overall -

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Wolfie3136d ago

Oh RLY? :/ So why they didn't gave PS3 version of "Dragon Age: Origins" better score than Xbox one?

socomnick3136d ago

Because the ps3 version had better textures with a crap framerate, meanwhile the 360 version had worse textures with a much better frame rate.

For Ac2 the 360 wins overall on all fronts. Better textures and better frame rate.

TheHater3136d ago

"And in tried and true IGN fashion, the game scored lower on the PS3 for noticeable texture issues, but they gave Dragon Age the same score, when the PS3 looked superior, and is even highlighted on other web sites with screen comparisons. (They even rated the PS3 version higher for that reason) This should have been expected. If the weather was as predictable as IGN's "interesting" and unfair rating system, we'd never get wet.

IGN AU: Dragon Age PS3/360 score: 8.4 despite textures looking bland and colorless on the 360. Framerate on the PS3 is not enough of an issue because the 360 has also been plagued with other glitches not on the PS3, yet they get the same score."

ALL CREDIT GOES TO SlickSindred ON THE IGN COMMENT SECTION. I think that user made the point many other people are going to make. Kudos to him/her.

QuackPot3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

And have been for a while now.

Compare all their Ps3 reviews with IGN USA and other major game sites and you'll clearly see they are pathetic fanboys.


At least Eurogamer has come to their senses recently and just enjoy gaming on whatever console.

mattygamefreak3136d ago

Do they even enable RGB Full Range and Y Pb/CB Pr/Cr Super-White? Whenever a PS3 game is looking " washed out " it is generally because the PS3's settings are on default.

I never like IGN Australia's reviews, even though I'm Australian =)

Regardless, if there is that big of a difference then Ubisoft just lost its one chance to redeem themselves.

Bathyj3136d ago

I've never played a game on PS3 that looked washed out, yet if you believe the internet, they all are.

Its not just PS3 settings, try adjusting your TV.

Aparrently XB always looks brighter. Than makes some sense. XB games always look like graphic, colourful and bright. PS3 games tend to look more like film, subtle, not cartoony.

mastiffchild3136d ago

Bathy mate-I was up town today and Game on one side of the road had one version running while Gamestation on the other had the other version on the go. Now they get the same whichever versions people buy and being totally honest none of our party of ten could tell the difference between them in ANY way.

Both versions looked equally good and what makes me feel this is BS is that they actually both looked EXCELLENT and not just for a multi-it's one of the netter ,looking 360 titles there is from what I've seen but, trust me, it looks exactly the same to me as the PS3 game. EXACTLY. IDK what these guys are playing at, whether there's something up with their set up or their PS3's VR is on the way out(as when mine went mental I did start getting judders that I didn't used to and so did my mates-and it looks a lot like a framerate issue at first glance)but if they say this after seeing the same as I did I can only say they have to be lying.

GrandTheftZamboni3136d ago

I share the same experience: if I ever wanted to adjust anything it was Resistance 2 that I found a bit too dark. All of my other 25+ PS3 games look just fine. I never even had to adjust the TV (Bravia XBR, 3-4 yrs old). The only washed out game I played on PS3 is Shadow of the Colossus in progressive scan mode. It looks much better in the other mode.