Europe investigates Microsoft Xbox 360 scratching disk problem

The Inquirer

OUR DUTCH is not good. Forgive us. The Bulgarian lass is complaining about scratched DVDs. We dunno whether the HDDs are any good. But in any case the Vole has to come up with an answer in one week. Flat.
THE EUROPEAN COMMISSIONER for Consumers has asked Microsoft to explain why Xbox 360s have so many faulty hard drives.

There are, apparently, 1,000 complaints from The Netherlands alone. She wants and expects Microsoft to respond to worldwide complaints about the problem

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drtysouf213889d ago

though i am on my 3rd do to the red rings.

gta_cb3889d ago

obviously i dont know when you brought each model, but i brought my Xbox 360 on the ... i think 21st October. and to this day i havnt had this problem, i havnt had it die on me (red rings)

JsonHenry3888d ago

The EU will do everything they can in order to bankrupt an American company, especially one as large as Microsoft.

They don't seem to have the right frame of mind, which is - "Make a better product!!!" - not try to financially destroy a company.

3888d ago
TheBigL053R3889d ago

Out of the 3 people I know that have a 360, they have had no problems with theirs. I've never had a problem with my launch box either.

dbug3603889d ago

If Microsoft wasn’t so rich they would have been kick out of the video game industry a long time ago, this and the red ring of death is not good enough! If you buy there products your nothing more than beta testers

Lex Luthor3889d ago

The very same thing could have been said about the Playstation 2, it reached a point where sony ended up getting sued.

3889d ago
DrHooker3889d ago

i believe she is referring to scratched disks but incorrectly said HDD. the inq's article title and the first paragraph suggest that anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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