Xbox 360 Elite Trailer

A new marketing advertisement has been shown to hype up the new and improved Xbox 360. It's back in black and better than ever. Check it out below or hit the link to watch.

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snoop_dizzle3702d ago

If they want to sell the elite they better come up with a plan and utilize it around the halo 3 launch.

gta_cb3701d ago

this has been out for more then a month! omg i am actually amazed that this got approved!

it is duplicate/old news

nice_cuppa3702d ago

it was actualy about the system.

unlike some other ads ive seen.

snoop_dizzle3702d ago

thats true.

I wasn't weirded out by it.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Meh, too str8 4 me. No imagination required haha!

edited my post, it was a stupid joke.

drtysouf213702d ago

or give me a better deal to trade my premium in and i will get it!

Expy3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Direct, but kind of misleading with the line "PURE HDMI", hardly pure, but whatever, the general public doesn't know much about the technology anyway.

macsto3702d ago

waits for red lights comments*

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