Gamespot reviews Shadowrun and gives it a 6.9

This multiplayer-only shooter does absolutely nothing with the Shadowrun name, and its unique strengths are offset by a lack of variety.

The Good: Unique ability system sets the game apart from other shooters; lets vista and 360 users play on the same servers; good-looking effects.

The Bad: Bad and missing animation makes the game look unfinished; not enough maps to stay interesting for long; does absolutely nothing with the shadowrun license.

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marionz4213d ago

yeah i dont see this game being a big seller....

MySwordIsHeavenly4213d ago

Now I gotta change my avatar! Thanks pal!

haha...just playin' with ya. Devil May Cry is the single most important reason to be a gamer. It is the pinnacle of gaming. Why didn't anyone like DMC2? I thought it was AMAZING!

Each game re-invents the genre!

BTW...shadowrun recieving this score. I don't know if it'll be THAT bad, but whoever reviewed this was stoned. You can clearly see that 6.9 is 69 in disguise...

Rythrine4213d ago

Well to answer ur question, i think DMC1 set the bar pretty high....when 2 came out and they made dante less cool and for some reason, quieter than the first, it was kind of a letdown...we'll all knew dante's characters as a trash-talking badass who never gets intimidated....on a positive note, i like the wall crawling in part 2 though....And no offense to you and Marionz but imo, Vergil is better...reminds me of Sepiroth with that long samurai sword....He should get a spin-off game or something....

Phantom_Lee4213d ago

I think DMC2 was way too easy....

Hydrolex4213d ago (Edited 4213d ago )

Forza 2 9.2 ? Shadowrun 6.9 ? Noobspot ?

Bunch of fat people work for gamspot ! IGN FTW ! GameTrailers FTW

Gamespot forums are the worst forums. Everyone acts like a little kid and you get suspended for nothing. **** the Gamespot

tplarkin74213d ago

The mods at the GS forums are very uptight.

Leathersoup4212d ago

Considering there's no single player game in Shadowrun I don't think the score is too far off. Ok so you can play single with bots... whoopdeedoo. Forza 2 on the other hand has singleplayer, multiplayer, and a HUGE online community where you can auction off cars, get people to mod your vehicles for you, make paint jobs for you and a number of other things.

Maybe it's just that Shadowrun didn't get the hype that would have made it good. I think the multiplayer actually has some mechanics that could put it over Halo 3's multiplayer but Halo 3 is going to have a single player game too.

Phantom_Lee4213d ago

I stopped agree with GameSpot for a very long time

StateofMind4213d ago (Edited 4213d ago )

I actually heard this was a good game. I take everything Gamespot says with a full shaker of salt though.

sonarus4213d ago

Actually the game hasnt gotten good reviews by other sites still waitin on ign but as you can see here the game dosent really have much going on now

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The story is too old to be commented.