Gaming experts discuss the state of video games

ESPN: "With the gaming industry changing so fast, it's nearly impossible to keep up -- so we're not even going to try. Instead, we enlisted the help of five gamers from completely different backgrounds to give us the 411.

The past decade has been great for video games. Thanks to the explosion of online gaming and innovations like the Nintendo Wii, it's a great time to be a gamer. Old-school Nintendo has never seemed so … old. So before the next big innovation makes today's games feel ancient, there's no better time to look at the state of the industry. We'll tell you our favorite games, innovations and characters of the past decade while featuring a roundtable Q&A that covers a variety of video game topics. We sit down with high school sports stars Mack Brown and Annemarie Hickey, video game designer Phil Frazier, pro gamer Jacob Reiser and ESPN RISE lifestyle editor Jay Corbin."

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