The JT Debate That Almost Was

According to there was a Jack Thompson debate of epic proportions that almost occurred at the Penny Arcade Expo.

Heres what Kotaku had to say,

"The Penny Arcade folks, it seems, had in fact asked Jack Thompson to fly out to the annual expo, their treat, to debate someone from the industry (most likely Hal Halpin) in front of a live audience, their live audience. But, as with most things Jack, the whole beautiful thing managed to get wonky and go awry."

"They wanted to leave it as a surprise until the moment the grey-coiffed head of Jack appeared under the limelight so as to prevent way too many people trying to pack in a room that could never hope to hold everyone who would want to witness this epic event, but Jack wanted to put out a press release about the appearance."

For more information on the situation, click on the link.

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snoop_dizzle4210d ago

i really wanted him to get pwned in a debate in front of gamers.

X4210d ago

I'm not surprised. It's not the first time he has ducked out of a debate.

Dr Pepper4210d ago


This would have been awesome.

snoop_dizzle4210d ago

knows his claims are over exaggerated, but in reality hes too insane to come to that relizataion.

snoop_dizzle4210d ago

wako jacko wimps out again.

Really i hope soon they make him debate.

I want to see this guy taken down really badly.

Dr Pepper4210d ago

Patience my friend, patience. It will happen, it's just a matter of time.

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