Bioshock 'EGM Preview'

What's new with 2K/Irrational's FPS game? A lot! This preview shows even more, the unpredictable diversity and believability of the behaviors the AI of this amazing game will exhibit, not to mention the stunning graphics! Enjoy.

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MK_Red4218d ago

Those big daddies were already crazy and the new red eye look makes them worse!! Cant wait.

FeralPhoenix4218d ago

Yeah, nice look into some of the thinking behind this game. -It goes without saying that this is a must have title.

omansteveo4218d ago

Somebody disagreed with you LOL!...anyways this game does look awesome

Rybnik4217d ago

Why are people disagreeing with Feral??
Anyway, the videos (particularly the latest one) show that the screen shots do zero justice to how just how impressive (and freaky) this game is!

FeralPhoenix4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

That's strange, its only my opinion about this game and I didn't even mention the usual curse words that are against the rules, like PS3 or 360. -lmfao, I think some are pissed off at me from another if I give a damm.

TheMART4217d ago

And can't wait for Bioshock 2 also, to see this madness in multiplayer!!!