Wii Virtual Console: 100 Classics Or A Missed Opportunity?

Nintendo today announced that it will break the 100 game milestone on the Wii Virtual Console next week, but the collection is so littered with vintage titles that weren't even worth three bucks the first time around. Is this just an artifically inflated number to attract your attention - without any other value?

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ITR4186d ago

Did someone poo in this guys coco or what?

Just because you don't like some none Nintendo games don't make them all bad.

I currently haven't bought any Nintendo VC games..just old Sega and TG16 games.

Neo Geo games will be on my list later this yr.

PS360PCROCKS4186d ago

just because they suck to you doesnt mean they do to everyone else...

progx4186d ago

only cuz my router apparently is 1 on some list of routers that has issues connecting wirelessly with the wii. I was wondering if buying the LAN adaptor would work. Maybe its only a wireless connection that won't work.

PS360WII4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

this guy isn't mad at the VC he's mad that they don't release the games he wants on them. After 4.7 million downloads I hardly think this was a missed opportunity. It's a fine feature and it's a good thing that Nintendo is letting 3rd parties in on it. So what if a 1st party game hasn't been released for a bit. Look at what else it there. Sure there is a bunch of junk in there too but so does market place and psn. It's worse for them because they have fewer titles amongst the crap.
I thought it was funny how he called the Mario games cash cows then complains that the Mario games he wants are not out yet... so why mock them if you really want to spend money on them. Anyway the games this guy wants to come out on the VC well, he'll just needs to wait like all other Wii owners.

AcidRhain4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

Kind of a stupid article. My guess is Nintendo will be releasing VC games accordingly to the AAA counterparts. Like what they did when Twilight Princess released, all the notable Zelda's of the past were released right beside it. Like Excite Truck, Excite Bike made it to the VC list at launch. Why no Metroid? Because they haven't released Corruption. Mario 3 is probably the most anticipated Mario in the series imo and the demand for a rerelease of that game will probably launch alongside Galaxy, another anticipated Mario game. It's a clever marketing stretegy as people will spend Wii points within the hype. That's why They're RIICH BIITCH!!