Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Release date 7/26/2007 in Japan

Well the website for the Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Collection is now up. From the looks of it, it should be available in Japan 7/26/2007. Hopefully will get their hands on the import for a full preview of the collection.

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BIadestarX3616d ago

Will these games have eny enhancements... or they will simply be the same as the originals?

Phantom_Lee3616d ago

I think originals
I dont think they add anything...

consolecrusader3616d ago

You can tell from the Japanese website there are extras...

Robotz Rule3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )


We get nothing:(

Damn Japs!!!!!


consolecrusader3616d ago

it has to come to usa WE MADE MGS!

PlayStation3603616d ago

I'm not following you bro. MGS was created by Hideo Kojima, and developed/published by Konami of Japan. Now unless you mean that Solid Snake's Nationality IS American, I don't get what your saying. But anyways, yeah, I want this collection to come out here in the States. :)

KoolMan3616d ago

i hope they fix all the cameras angles for all of them like they fix snake eater... plz include MGS1

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