Images and 10 minutes long video of Folklore demo

Playsyde tested the demo of Folklore that Sony and Game Republic released on the Japanese PSN.

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Tut4216d ago

Those colors are so vivid. There are some interesting characters, too. I like. ~

SmokeyMcBear4216d ago

not my cup of tee. but those graphics look pretty nice, enjoy this game when it comes out gamers.

ErcsYou4216d ago

this is a must have for me. i think japanesse gamers will definitly pick this one up. interested to see where the game goes, what other types of creatures do i get to yank the souls out of and use their attacks.

Expy4216d ago

I like how they implemented comic-book type storytelling due to the fact that they removed the CG movies to reduce overall filesize of the demo.

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The story is too old to be commented.