Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against IGE

A World of Warcraft gamer has filed a class action lawsuit against IGE, a gold farming company, seeking millions in damages.

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Rooted_Dust4210d ago

I hate gold farmers. They totally destroy MMO economies. Everything becomes so expensive that the only way to afford in-game items is to purchase in-game currency.

flipflop4210d ago

I just logged on to one of my other accounts to find that Virtual gamer tried to ban my umbagumba account for exposing him for the idiot he is, and this further proves his retardedness. How FN pathetic do you have to be to try to ban somone because your proven to be retarded? virtual gamer is a b!tch. You will now get it a lot worse.

TheBigL053R4210d ago

I was reading some of the legal jargon, and the lawyer who representing the plaintiff has some really good credentials. This could destroy IGE, and the gold farming business. Not to mention the lawsuit Blizzard filed against another gold farming site (Peons4Hire).

I hope these lawsuits go through. Gold Farmers destroy games.

iceice1234210d ago

It only took them years to do it. This and the peons4hire case should settle down the gold spam, at least I hope so...

TheBigL053R4210d ago

If other MMO game companies file their own lawsuits against 'gold' farmers, the practice will stop.

If Blizzard is the only one to make a stand, gold farming will still continue.

StateofMind4210d ago

They went unchecked on Square Enix's MMO Final Fantasy XI for a long time. It really harms the games, and I'm surprised more companies have not already taken action.

fenderputty4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

I played that game for a year. I had spent hours mining in Ifrit's Cauldron just so I could have some spending money to buy overpriced items and staffs and crap. I don't miss it at all. Some aspects of MMO's are right on. However, when they require soooo much time it becomes pointless. Goldfarming arssholes only make it worse.

I remember certain character were ALWAYS in the mines 24/7. That's brings up competition for mining points. It sucked. I used to drag enemies towards them and then magic out of the mine. With any luck the enemy would agro the gillfarmer. It made my day.

nobizlikesnowbiz4210d ago

I'm sorry I'm not too savvy in the world of MMO's. I find them to be a enormous drain on your spare time in life.

But anyways, my question. What the hell is gold farming? They somehow actually affect the online economy? Wow these games have gotten pretty complex I must be behind the times.

StateofMind4210d ago

Basically people will obtain in-game currency and/or items and sell them to people for real money. In FFXI they worked in shifts and you would see the same group of players online 24/7 doing nothing but earning game currency. This creates a sort of false demand since buyers are given loads of game currency without taking the time to earn it. The higher demand usually leads to higher prices on rarer items, and makes it very difficult for legitimate gamers to afford those items.

Rooted_Dust4210d ago

Basically what some people do is they get many multiple accounts and they pay people to collect in-game currency by killing monsters, selling items,ect...Then they turn around and sell the in-game money to other players at about $5/5000 gold(Warcraft). There are always people willing to pay so they don't have to earn it themselves. Then when this money becomes overabundant item costs skyrocket, forcing honest players to work endlessly to buy Necessary items.

Omicronn4210d ago

It is seriously complex in one sense since no one believes the money you can make from playing these games until they try it.

And seriously just normal everyday business when you take away the fact that your money is coming from fantasy land.

depending what waves you ride during the games lifespan, you can make a decent weekly salary or a down payment on your new NYC home if you catch some lucky times when money sells good and some tricks are available before the game catches it.

Ive seen this and know plenty about it from Everquest 1 to WoW.

Seriously profitable depending how good you have developed your characters, or how much time you spend playing or researching all the money makers everyone knows about so you dont do the same ones:)

IGE ruins the games on one hand, yet keeps it playable for those people with little time to spend making fake money to buy the good items.

But i always agreed they suck...

They ruined my love for those games and brought me away form the PC and too the console systems.

Nothing beats good ol' EQ though for immersion into a game back in its hay day when ige was doing nickels and dimes and trying to buy eq related websites for thousands .

Now they make millions a quarter from what ive seen which shows how far they have grown destroying MMo's

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