Activision: Rock Band a Guitar Hero 'Imitator'

Ever since Activision and Harmonix went their separate ways, each announcing a new modern rhythm game -- Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band, respectively -- fans have wondered which will lead the pack. In a conference call chronicled over at Gamasutra, Activision officials explained why they believe their horse is the smart bet -- and trash talked the competition a bit.

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flipflop3916d ago

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hella whip3916d ago

he/she has posted the same thing in a few different news items. What's the Point!

SmokeyMcBear3916d ago

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3916d ago

of humble-pie cause Harmonix are the original MONSTERS OF ROCK!

X3916d ago

Maybe I missed something so someone tell me, is harmonix not making GH3?

I remember when harmonix released a game called frequency. That was a very good game. Then when I read it was them who did guitar hero, I knew it was going to be good. I'm sure rock band will be a hit if they have their hands in it. If they are not doing GH3 then I'm just a little worried.

SimmoUK3916d ago

who knows all that counts is that there's more exclusive content that you can only get on PS3, if your in America or Europe then set up a japenese account no worries...

progx3916d ago

guitar hero 3 is gona rock, ill be buying that. Sorry im not paying $200 to play in a fake band. I might as well buy a REAL instrument.